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  • The Robotic Farms Gravitational Cannabis Cultivating System is just $375,000 Finance with 6 months grace is available to qualified buyers. All others pls bring us the paper. Robotic Farms has designed a system that will grow more cannabis p

  • Friends and Countrymen, Ladies & Gentlemen  Up until now, In Portugal you are stuck with a clone and cement in 1500 SQF compact domes.  My seed to weed and the Bureau of Cannabis Control JV will soon have the INFARMED contract offer for

  • Hello Friends Do you ever wish the weather would just make up its mind?  One day it is sunny and hot, and the next, it’s windy and wet! How does a cannabis plant survive these types of conditions? It’s simple; it’s a weed, it can...

  • Join Us as We Welcome the good patriots at Merchant Stronghold to our team of special services. You can keep up to date on our construction plan for downtown Lisbon by joining our group of early adopters and taking advantage of our prelimin

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