A New Era Begins

A New Era Begins

Join Us as We

Welcome the good patriots at Merchant Stronghold to our team of special services.

You can keep up to date on our construction plan for downtown Lisbon by joining our group of early adopters and taking advantage of our preliminary round of private share holding membership by visiting our join-in page …

Cannabis Merchant STRONGHOLD of Portugal

While you’re shopping for genetics or checking dr fernando’s blog we found you commercial free epic music for your surfing enjoyment.

The event horizon …

In 1983, Susan Rosenberg planted a bomb outside the US Senate chamber to assassinate Republican senators.
House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep Jerry Nadler got Pres. Clinton to pardon Susan Rosenberg.
She’s now a board member of Black Lives Matter Network, Inc.

https://parler.com/profile/Azorianworld/posts is gone thanks to the big media and big tech wanting you to only know their version of the truth approved by the regime that maintains control when things are shut down.

The popular free calling mobile phone app Whatsapp Business is not the same as its twin, the personal version. While the privacy of the personal version of Whatsapp is good – Users of the Business form are now subject to spyware in much the same way that TicTok operates. Both apps use AI to screen your activities so as provide you advertizing content when you surf on other apps like Youtube.

As the South China Sea grows in tense overcrowding exercises, Britain has lost Hong Kong to the CCP Invasion Fleet PLAIF) and Portugal has lost Macao to the CCP Invasive Politics Agenda (PLAIPA). The world is still waiting for the reopening of the Azores Navy, Airforce & Marines to new recruits.

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