Atlas Plant Trainer – Professional Set

98.95 (VAT included)

Makes Gardening easier.
Grow your plants to the desired size and shape.
Increase harvest by 20% or more!
Plants will not require any outside support.


Each APT Professional Set includes 24 vertical stakes, 12 horizontal connectors, and 12 plant clips, for a total of 48 pieces – enough to grow 1 plant larger than 4 feet tall and 4 feet wide, or several smaller plants, whichever you decide. You can also purchase additional sets to continue to grow bigger and heavier buds!

Ditch the DIY methods and use Atlas Plant Trainer!

Atlas Plant Trainer is a completely modular plant training and support system that allows you to grow and train your plant however you want.

Re-useable – ABS plastic and stainless steel hollow design make for easy cleaning, simply clean with your cleaning solution and your good to go for another grow!

Modular -Train and support growing plants with simple, extendable, and interchangeable pieces.

Versatile – Maximize your grow space by growing to any size and shape desired.

Durable – UV-resistant ABS plastic, good for up to 5 years under everyday, intense light

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