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Welcome visitor to our company pension contributors registrar page.

Currently the funds are allocated towards the production of 100 POS machines to open Third Party Cannabis Banking Services. This service will include both Card Present Sales and Card Not Present Cannabis Banking Services for Portugal and Abroad.

We invite our vsitors to join the company pension fund without the cost of checkout by forwarding funding directly to our paypal.  Although it is possible to add your entry to the contributors list through the checkout when ordering other commodities.

Shareholders update Q1, 2022

With a motion brought forth to the Justice Minister of Lisbon, by virtue of receiving the Esteemed Social Status Employer Permit. Our Single Owner company, with the Pact Social for Enabling Employment of Local Portuguese or other EU Member nations with Activities Pertaining to the establishment of the Cannabis Monopoly of Portugal Framework of 2018.

Our company now has opportunity to use the Accepted IRN Entity registered in 2014, updated to the Recognized as Original Commercial Entity of Portugal for Maintaining the Cannabis Genome which also includes Hemp for The planting of seed to produce a harvest of flowers and other plant parts such as fiber, hurd, seed, root and most importantly flowers for the production of medicines, foods or cosmetics.

Notice: The company employee cannot be denied accident insurance should he or she wish to engage in cultivation of cannabis or hemp for the purpose of upgrading to finished commodities under license; including activities as designated throughout the value chain under license.

Please be aware of imposters as we are the first poll position commercial enterprise on the market employment entity in Portugal under the monopoly cooperative to provide finished goods for domestic distribution.

Shareholders update Q2, 2022

We are also the first commercial enterprise positioned to provide cannabis banking services for third party vendors nationwide Portugal.

Our contract with the local acquiring bank now enables the company to offer Point of Sale Card Present (POS) Reader Machines to local merchants with SWIFT.  This opportunity also works with ecommerce for thirs party vendors. Our opportunity has been declared complete and the company now is raising capital through sales for the production of the first 100POS units.

AWOJPL is proud to present the list of Farawaylandseedbank Company Pension Fund Holders. . . 

Order #2842           20.00 €    = 22.00€   = 23.10

Roy S. from London

Order #2845           20.00 €    = 22.00€   = 23.10

Andrew M. from Rexburg

Order #2890            20.00 €   = 22.00€   = 23.10    

David K. from Crescent City

Order #2956         500,00 €   = 550.00€   = 575.25

Roman K. from Toronto

Order #2959           50,00 €   = 55.00€   = 57.75

Boris V from Belgrade

Order #3013         410.00 €   = 451.00€   = 473.55

Vincent G. from Burlington

Order #4677          150.00 €   = 165.00€   = 173.25

Maria R. from Ashley Falls

Order #6681         1,700.00 €   = 1,785.00

Maria R. from Ashley Falls

Order #7020          55.00 €   = 57.75

Lori M. from Buffalo

Updated 5.11.2022

Order #8265          20.00

Yolanda M. from Jersey Shore

Order #8287          20.00

Antonio R. from Toronto

Order #8294          10.00

Bamasse K. from Abidjan

Order #8303          50.00

Theresa A from Dormaa

Order #8307          25.00

Andrew L. from Kincardine

Order #8322          200.00

Flaminio A. from Lowell

Order #8348          100.00

Verna S. from San Jose City

Order #8363          45.00

Jacqueline N. from Nairobi

Order #8368          105.00

Alejandro M. from Nigran

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