Bandido Brothers Plantation – Burundi


Welcome to Our latest cooperative in a very pristine area of Africa. In Burundi we are expecting this plantation to be worth 8 to 40 times the initial partnership offer once fully licensed, commissioned to full capacity.


The seedling center is also producing bananas and coffee trees.

The claymen clan with the local brotherhood produce some already famous crops.

We, the Bandido Brothers Plantations Group are the backbone of the African Union’s CCIA Bureau.

Land in this fronteir nation is quite affordable, unlike the mega-millions required here in Europe’s Iberia Penninsula.

The brothers pay huge profits back from the Landraces in the area and the massive sativa trees used to protect the aforementioned crops.

Join us …

We invites you to participate as a member of the cooperative to preserve the hillsides at our plantation

Buy a donkey cart loaded with fertilizer for all them nice places in the CCIA Bureau’s crop insurance plan.

We estimate this modest plantation to be values at $3.9MM USD

Our membership share of net profits per annum is 50% based on the preliminary analysis.

Your ROI is based on the full recovery of the initial investment of $3.9M

We expect 11- 34% profits back on your investment.

New investment opportunities are under negotiation with the Burundi Team9

And these mermber investment opportunities will become available shortly.

We suggest additional investment in crop insurance to get yourself to the front of ROI issue after market delivery.

Member Incentives For Home Growers

If you have purchased member shares in the plantation and wish to cash in your certificate, or just swap for beans.

The plantation accepts your shares for cash to purchase your next genetics from items in stock at the Farawayland Seed Shop at parr with your shares. This is a considerable savings as your membership pledge.

When you order your member shares converted to seeds, you should own at least 20 shares in that lovely $3.9MM plantation of ours in Burundi. Then just purchase the cash-in for $1. With your paid shipping & handling, you are guaranteed beans for 1 euro which was the member shareholders purchase price.

Happy Growing!


Deliver 1 Cart of Fertilizer to Commence New Plantation Crop, Farawayland Crop Sticker, Member Shares Swap for Beans at 1 euro each, Private Shareholder Block of 100 shares, Private Shareholder Block of 1000 shares, Private Shareholder Block of 20 shares, Private Shareholder Block of 500 shares