Blue Mistique Hybrid Cannabis Seeds


Blue Mistique is one of the best nightcap weed strains available thanks to its sedative effects.

Blue Mistique: From the same lineage as Blueberry x Northern Lights.

Blue Mistique marijuana strain is an 60/40 Indica dominant hybrid.  The breeders of this kush remain unknown. The strain sports light blue buds with numerous trichomes that create an illusion of greyish tint.  Staying true to the name, Blue Mystics’ influence differs from person to person, making it a mystery which way she will affect you.

The herb is very potent, with THC levels up to 21%.

Blue Mistique comes from the very same elite line of super sweet hybrids from which the now World famous Blueberry was derived. Highland Thai, Purple Thai, and Afghan landrace genetics were first crossed in the US during the late 1960’s-mid 1970’. Early hybrids migrated to Europe during the 1980’s. While Blueberry was scooping cannabis cups and prizes across the globe the Blue Mystic was being honed and fine tuned.

The Blue Family could never become a dynasty of dankness without a heavy indica hybrid that grows uniformly. Blue Mistique is the indica-dominant hybrid that filled the void and helped pave the way for today’s Blue dynasty of strains and hybrids.

Blue Mistique might be lesser known but she is of the same lineage as Blueberry. Plus she was subjected to no less rigorous selection criteria, albeit with different objectives. Blue Mistiquec more than fulfills her role as a fast flowering compact gooey indica.

Indoor growers can expect high yields from Blue Mistique, especially with the SOG method. 400-600g/m² depending on experience level. She rarely tops 1m cultivated under artificial light and will be ready for harvest in 8-9 weeks.  Cabinet growers take note.

Blue Mistique delivers a powerful physical effect that will even send veteran tokers to dreamland.  Sweet Blueberry and earthy scents will perfume the grow space and in cooler temperatures, she may even display purple shades.

Outdoors she prefers a warmer climate and will be ready for the chop come Croptober.

Production can be impressive if you treat her right and maybe some support for bud laden side branches.

In a hot southern climate, ganja farmers can produce in the region of 450g from large bushy 2m plants.

Beginner grower or grand master this tasty little strain is well worth a run.

Type of High
Blue Mistique marijuana induces euphoric cerebral high and uplifts mood. For some, boosts energy, creativity and prompts socialization. For others, induces deep body relaxation, couch lock and sedation. Relieves stress and controls pain.  Beginners should be mindful of the dose, as precaution regular users are urged to consume in the evening.  Recommended bedtime smoke.


From our Thailand producer we recently received this deposit of more than 3600 Blue Mistique cannabis seeds which were successfully processed with our feminization technique.  Half are gone as of 6.13.2022

Naturally feminized at the plantation during the plant lifecycle process.

Feminized using our unique 2 stage organic feminizing process that lets you be tomorrow’s strain hunter.

We utilize a 2 step method of feminizing, allowing our customers the joy of feminizing. Our first process is on the farm where plants are feminized prior to harvest to achieve up to 80% feminized ratio. This method of seed production offers organic grown seed batched with plants highly resistant to mold and pests and crop diseases.


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