Bubblegum CBD Buds


BIG BUDS | CBD + CBDA < 25%  THC < 0.2%


Indoor Grown |  CBD + CBDA < 25%  THC < 0.2%

The Big Bubblegum Buds

Bubblegum is one of the most popular products among legal marijuana lovers.  Proof is that this strain gained the first place in the Cannabis Light Cup in Zurich and Vienna.  This is only one of several awards won in recent years that confirm its high quality and thus its wide use.  In Europe it is actually considered to be the best cannabis with high CBD content.  Athough you can buy Bubblegum CBD flowers both in medium / large size (for these lots we only use the apical tops of the plant) and in small size (these buds have a diameter of about 1 cm). We obtain the smallest buds by handpicking them from the best flowers. On this page we only sell you the large size buds. Like the bud shown here.

The Overview

When you look at a Bubblegum CBD flower, you cannot help but to be captured by its colours: candid white trichomes (due to the high production of resin)  surrounded by numerous pistils of different shades of orange. Bubblegum CBD weed is so popular that it is being widely cultivated: thus the large amount of large sizes of buds available for purchase.

The Aroma

Bubblegum’s singular taste and smell defined its success: the aroma is so particular and unique, with strong, sweetish notes that recall summer fruits, perfectly blended with sour notes of citrus, earth and wood.  The taste cannot be described; you just have to try it!  This perfect mix gave the Bubblegum legal weed its status: experts and inexperienced agree that it is one of the most loved and appreciated strains on the market.

Origin and Cultivation

We have chosen to work with a company that cultivates Bubblegum CBD flowers with a different approach:  hydroponics in indoor environments.  Growers agree that this technique is the best one to achieve the plant’s maximum well-being – resulting in the highest product quality.  By means of this advanced cultivation method, it is possible to finely control the necessary nutrients to the advantage of plant’s development; in addition, a modern artificial lighting system makes this company one of the most advanced growing farms in this field.  This production, like others selected, follows organic regulations and does not use heavy metals or GMOs.

The origins

The Bubblegum is an old school variety with mysterious origins. It won everybody’s heart because of its sweet flavors and its powerful effect.  Launched on the American market in the early ‘70s, many say it comes from the state of Indiana.  It later reached Europe – in the ‘90s – where it first spread mainly in Holland, also winning several awards between 1995 and 1999.  The CBD Bubblegum is an iconic strain.

Regulations and legislation

Due to internal policy we don’t sell products to minors under the age of 18.

All the products are analyzed several times on each single production batch to ensure their legality and quality standards.

The entire production chain complies with all relevant European regulations and laws:

– The European Delegate-Regulation n.-639-2014;
– The European Regulation n. 1307/2013.


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