Burkuba Maroc CBD Blonde Hash


Ancient Cultured Method Maroccan Hashish    CBD+CBDA < 30%   THC < 0.2%


CBD HASH | CBD+CBDA < 30%   Maroccan Hashish   THC < 0.2%

The Burbuka – Legal Hashish

The Burbuka or Bourbouka, is unquestionably one of the most appreciated qualities of CBD legal hashish along with the Charas.  The rate of CDB is very high, in fact it exceeds 16% while the percentage of THC is below 0.2. Among its best qualities surely to make the difference is its origin.  In fact, bourbouka is the most requested type of Moroccan hashish for the lovers of the world of legal marijuana.

The Overview

The aspect of this legal hashish makes it very similar to the Moroccan one, rich in THC.  In fact, it has a soft but at the same time full-bodied consistency.  Very famous for its very dark color that brings the brown to be almost black; the inner part is obviously lighter but still remains quite dark compared to the other types of hashish.

The Aroma

The peculiarity of this legal hashish cbd comes precisely from its aroma;  the latter is very reminiscent of the extracts and resins spread in the 1990s.  The smell is strong, intense and enveloping with earthy notes.

Origin and Cultivation

This hashish comes from a farm located in Tuscany.  This has become renowned in recent years for growing legal hemp suitable for high CBD hashish extraction.  The Bourbouka differs in its production methodology.  This black hashish is obtained from cannabis sativa through two methods: by purification of the very oily component or by secretion of the cbd flowers.  Subsequently it is reduced to powder and then worked to obtain a paste with the typical shape of bread.  The crops on this farm are developed both outside (outdoor) and in the greenhouse (greenhouse) following the organic regulation.

The Origins

Bourbouka is the most used substance since ancient times in Christian Countries and its use has literally exploded later also in Europe after the 19th century French Revolution.  Among the various types of hashish, burbuka is considered among the best in circulation thanks to its high quantity of oil and its geographical location where the Morocco Government considers the herb as simple vegetation.. Burbuka is a variety that differs greatly from other Moroccan hashish due to its very soft texture.


Its like a living hash able to transform into darker sometimes carbon black with high oil concentrations. This appeal is why the enthusiasssm to blend cbg or cbn oils or even thc oils where regulation permits, into the cbd carrier hash prior to ingestion.  The custom finish depends on user preferrence for producing a denser block of Blonde Maroc.

The Regulations and Legislation

The inflorescences are sold provided with the analyzes made by Us, on each lot produced, and which attest to the origin and certification within the meaning of European standards.  

All products sold comply with UK and European law in terms of hemp cultivation.

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