AWOJPL owns the only medical cannabis seed vault in Portugal with a renewing Economic Activity Permit. As a THC Licensee here, your company is eligible for partnership with our genetics vault. Join our Bureau of Cannabis Control to license your THC grow for medical cannabis certification.


Currently the bureau has available for use, a wide range of genetics from our private stock of grains legally imported from Holland via Portugal Customs Authorities.

In stock is approximately the following 9 strain commodities for licensed seed propagation in European Nations including licensed cannabis seed producers as permitted by DGAV Agriculture Ministry Portugal.

The Agriculture Minister engages in applicant for future THC Licensee growing but as an applicant you cannot import cannabis seeds to product THC-bearing crops.

But at the first and only THC Licensee we can bring you back from the cold hands of government and bring life back into your seed delivery licenses as our THC Licensee partner …

All stocks remain the property of AWOJPL for partnership in certifying our JV genetics for mainstream germination through our phytosanitary reporting – and onwards production of medical cannabis sales originating from Portugal.

As your licensing partner, we provide the necessary planning to open domestic sales by offering a prescription co-payment from DGAV certified seeds for the onward sales of our genetics as dried trim flowers or upgrade commodities.


Currently the CCBP office can issue application for activities related to procurement of Medical Cannabis in accordance with European Commission Regulations administered by local Agencies.

There are 2 forms required to begin the phytosanitary requirements for reporting the inspection application to INFARMED whom governs medical cannabis consumption and oversees testing regulatory measures.

The National Seed Bank of Portugal does not recognize cannabis as indigenous and therefore licensed to AWOJPL the primary medical cannabis development company.

You are at the right place to order your official INFARMED Medical Cannabis JV application with our Master Cannabis Users License issued by The Republic of Portugal with a semi-annual Certidaou Permanente Certificate.

Register with DGAV our partnership today and start the phytosanitary procedures tomorrow.

The Governor of Natural Resources on behalf of the Presidential Cabinet offers application to get your ass on a waiting list to qualify for future cooperation with the Cannabis Merchant Stronghold of Portugal (CMS).

The CMS is responsible to redeem up to 90%  of your customer’s cannabis prescription under our co-payment plan.

We use our half of your crop to accomplish this goal. But the generosity doesn’t stop there. Under the regulatory fees, there is a substantial amount of government tax collection for activities such as restoring the National Forestry Service of Portugal to reduce dry season fires.

Order your application today to start growing medical cannabis in Portugal As a THC Licensee Partner.

For European Greenhouse Growers wanting to switch from regular CBD hemp/cannabis …

Choose from our current EU stock to load your greenhouse full of Medicinal THC Cannabis instead….

7000 x 9 Pound Hammer

4000 x Wedding Cake

3000 x Blue Cheese

6000 x Hindu Kush

7000 x Strawberry Cough

3000 x Acapulco Gold

3000 x Mob Boss

3000 x Blue Hill

4000 x Puma Budder

The Farawayland seedbank is the brand behind the IP owned by AWOJPL.
The Bureau of Cannabis Control in Portugal is the proposal for the company’s economic activity to introduce licensing for cannabis plantations under partnership with our genetics imports for crude seeds to engage in the economic certification process.
As your partner in the quality THC growers group, our job is to help you get into the market in Portugal and stay vertical.
If you are an investor, there are currently 2 locations available to work with.
First a small 1500 sqm boutique growers startup lacking the final technical equipment selection to throw the switch and light it up!
Also Recently, the Cannabis Merchant Stronghold building requisitioned a prominent California Artist.

Mr Clay Chollar from 5th Density Soul in Grass Valley has stepped up for the duties of architect group to design the 4 or more floors with the rooftop canopy grow room.
AWOJPL is a for-profit company and not a government agency. We value your privacy.

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“It is physically impossible to eat enough marijuana to induce death. Marijuana in its natural form is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known. By any measure of rational analysis marijuana can be safely used….”
— DEA Administrative Judge Francis Young, 1988


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