Malawi is located someplace in a calm, pollution-free part of Africa. We wana send y’all lots of fine hand-crafted medicinal cannabis to help preserve peace and stability.


The  Azorian Licensing Contractor Office serving the Cannabis Industry of Malawi has since September 28, 2021 been given to opportunity to implement the new vital industry of producing medical grade cannabis and its upgraded prescription remedies.

The following guidelines have been made available to establish 5 HA Growing Plantations to produce crops for onwards uses, both domestic and for export overseas as required by private industry or subsidized patient care.


Legalization of cannabis in Malawi created opportunities for the legal cultivation of cannabis for medical and industrial purposes and offers our company an opportunity to diversify its agricultural production and potentially generate additional foreign exchange.

The New Regulatory Office is now available to deliver all necessary institutional requirements as demanded by the Malawi Government on behalf of membership at Farawayland SeedBank in accordance with the Malawi Cannabis Regulation Act of 2020.

Our Authority is mandated to provide licensing for all activities across the Cannabis Value Chain from Cultivation to Processing, Distribution, Storage, Exportation, Importation, Research, Laboratory Tests, Transportation, and Medical Use of Cannabis grown in Malawi. Within Malawi, there is only the medical use licensing available at this time.


The Cannabis Companies Bureau is responsible for administering 2 programs:

a) Farmer Organization. This measure is established to work with local farming communities. The framework enables local farmers to have a daily routine within the scope of profit-sharing through employment opportunities.

b) Corporate Partnership. The Farmer Organization working to provide materials for the Marketing Company to bring medical or industrial cannabis commodities throughout the entire value chain.


Currently, the framework allows us to provide processed flowers. But in the near future, we expect to provide alcohol-extracted oil.

The Cannabis Regulations Act of 2020 effectively enables patient card holders the opportunity to have postal or courier services deliver customized strains produced using the genetics found onsite here.

The cardholder wishing to import from Malawi their favorite strain will require filling out of a form.

There is a procedure to apply for your name and address as a patient authorized to have the marketing company register your permit for Malawi Border Services Customs and Excise Clearance.

Once you have been approved, as a patient you can choose to receive under 30 grams as well as up to 500 gram bags of grass strain which you have chosen to purchase from our catalogue here at Farawayland.

Once approved, your exports permit is good for a full year from when the Minister of  Grasslands. And your permit starts on the day your Production Order is completed and on the plane.

Next step is to order some good grass in the sunshine and wait for delivery notice using the Production Permit matching your Expert Permit.

Get as many 30 grams or 500 grams as you need! You got a whole year to max out your card limit of next week deliveries.

Soon as the flowers cure its on a roll over to your house! That is when your Export Permit is officially counting down from 365.


The Cannabis Regulation Act of 2020 allows the Genetics company to provide field services to enable the production and upgrading units in the value chain its adequate certification provided by the Grasslands Ministry office at the Azorian Consulate.

Enabling the permitting for your favorite shop strain is as simple as providing opportunities for your personal genetics through the Companies branch partnership structure. Or use our catalogue to produce your cannabis.


Contractors wanting to purchase a Commercial Dispensary License to Operate a Cannabis Medical Cardholder Clinic can benefit from the Malawi Government Underwriting for your Private Clinic Dispensary.

Through the introduction of your local by-laws as pertains to your domestic licensing permits, the Grasslands Minister offers to stamp your commercial invoice for our couriers flying out of Africa with your purchases.

Our Postal Service Address for Your Company Branch gets renewed each year, automatically entitling your receiver office back home to grab your favorite strains, 1 pound at a time, every time you need another, to a maximum of 250 pounds for the year.

Overseas Contractors are able to purchase minimum 500 grams production requests only after applying for the  Overseas Office of Export Records.

Once your new company branch has been established, it is time to start opening invoices to order your strain(s).  Our Farmer Organization Staff will swiftly get your order germinated and in just a few weeks, your product will be harvested, trimmed and cured to your specifications.


Livestock Feeds Production Manager

This opportunity has offers in 2 locations but the science and local production opportunity increases with the number of gasifiers available to power the feed producing equipment.

This is how we make animal feed! Hello friends. I need a tutoring organization to develop animal feed for livestock in Malawi or Azores. For example fowl feed with hemp. In Azores the roosters have feathers on their feet. Ancient times the birds flew in and high mountains have feed under fresh snow, Being isolated we still find this bird where I posted videos on FB during the expedition. The winning associates should know hemp genome for leaf salad to livestock feeding and provide a blend for the feed pellets. This is also important process if increasing bird populations around the island chain and other of Portugal’s islands will also benefit from the profits gained for additional feeding programs.

You may join this program here and request participation in the daily growth of this worldwide conservation opportunity.

Active members can also join the program with the minimum $1 onetime or monthly wildlife fund project equity ownership plan by visiting the company enrollment on this next follow-up link. Thank you for your interest in saving the species.

Enlisted Members

Order #8911       10.

Bamasse K from Porto





Commercial Establishment License for Medical Cannabis Export Records, Commercial Invoice to Procure 500 Grams of Medical Cannabis, Export Permit to Receive Medical Patient Supply – UNDER 30 GRAMS, Export Permit to Receive Medical Patient Supply – UNDER 500 GRAMS, Farawayland Crop Sticker, Production Permit to Export Medical Patient Supply – -UNDER 500 GRAMS, Production Permit to Export Medical Patient Supply – UNDER 30 GRAMS