Cannabis Merchant STRONGHOLD of Portugal

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AWOJPL CROWDFUNDING $6,000,000.oo Facility

Presenting the Cannabis licensing center of the future in 15th century historic downtown Portugal.

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AWOJPL CROWDFUNDING Group  proudly presents …

The future home of  Portugal’s Cannabis Plantations Development Center.

Presenting the Cannabis licensing center of the future in Portugal. This facility being designed with an extra floor will be our new lab that will centralize the many strains through our academia office.

By virtue of our family’s major holdings in delivering dairy food commodities to Portugal’s food security program, we are now developing the cannabis plantations monopoly in this great coastal country in the Iberia peninsula.

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Total anticipated cost to open the first from seed to package of under 20% THC medical marijuana and its many derivatives is 6,000,000.oo euros.

This project is approved for an additional floor with elevators and a private yard.

We anticipate the rooftop to be built-in commercial growing of approximately 1500 SQM cannabis canopy capable of 2 crops of 1 ton rotation per year with a $220 per oz average price with yearly earning of $12,000,000.oo.

We anticipate the majority of the third floor to provide us with a minimum of 98 seed strains per year. Our licensed extractor will be purchasing the majority of the seed separated materials for their own extraction projects.  At the moment, this added revenue stream has yet to be calculated.

We anticipate the second floor to open as Portugal’s Bureau of Cannabis Control. The future Quality Control executives will be in charge of providing phytosanitary services to the many registered plantation companies in Portugal under partnership with our company.

Currently, the government here does not allow growers to produce cannabis from seeds. Only 1 company with ties to the Trudeau Foundation has been able to provide a limited quantity of medical CBD cannabis to the population of about 12,000,000 people in Portugal. The rest of the supply has traditionally been underground material. Our team of licensing professionals would like to change that.

Our upcoming 3 Storey complex does not cover the private shops below but with the building under construction it is not uncommon for the shops below to want a buy-out.

Currently, our site open for a variety of cards, and also western union or wire deposit. Coingate is available for those who own ecoins.

Efforts are underway to obtain card processing for large transactions and following with the crowdfunding proposal.

We welcome you to buy in at any time.


3.03.2021  At this time it bring us great pleasure to introduce our architect – Mr Clay Chollar, CEO of 5th Density Soul. Mr Clay has been offered opportunity to collaborate with regards to the conceptual design of our new vision for the offices at the Cannabis Merchant Stronghold (CMS) building arche tecture design.