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Presenting the Cannabis licensing center of the future in 15th century historic downtown Portugal.

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AWOJPL CROWDFUNDING Group  proudly presents …

The future home of  Portugal’s Cannabis Plantations Development Center.

Presenting the Extended Care Cannabis licensing center of the future in Portugal.  This facility being designed with an extra floor and a canopy rooftop, will be our new lab that will centralize the many strains through our academia office.

By virtue of our family’s major holdings in delivering dairy food commodities to Portugal’s food security program, we are now developing the cannabis plantations monopoly in this great coastal country in the Iberia peninsula.

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Total anticipated cost to open the first from seed to package of under 20% THC medical marijuana and its many derivatives is 6,000,000.oo euros.

This project is approved for an additional floor with elevators and a private yard.  A rooftop cannabis garden will also be a first in the nation here.

We anticipate the rooftop to be built-in commercial growing of approximately 1500 SQM cannabis canopy capable of 2 crops of 1 ton rotation per year with a $220 per oz average price with yearly earning of $12,000,000.oo.

We anticipate the majority of the third floor to provide us with a minimum of 98 seed strains per year. Our licensed extractor will be purchasing the majority of the seed separated materials for their own extraction projects.  At the moment, this added revenue stream has yet to be calculated.

We anticipate the second floor to open as Portugal’s Bureau of Cannabis Control. The future Quality Control executives will be in charge of providing phytosanitary services to the many registered plantation companies in Portugal under partnership with our company.

Currently, the government here does not allow growers to produce cannabis from seeds.  Only 1 company with ties to the Trudeau Foundation has ever been able to provide a limited quantity of medical THC cannabis to the population of about 12,000,000 people in Portugal.  But like everyone else has returned to CBD strains only.  The rest of the supply has traditionally been underground material.  Our team of licensing professionals would like to change that.


Our upcoming 3 Storey complex does not cover the private shops below but with the building under construction it is not uncommon for the shops below to want a buy-out.

Currently, our site open for a variety of cards through PayPal, and also western union or wire deposit.  TripleA is available for those who own ecoins.   The company is now ready for SIBS to provide cannabis banking services through Banco Commercial Portugal.  However, complications with the corrupt IRS department has delayed the commercial venue offer for shops to use our brand FARAWAYPAY. But progress continues and corrupt mid-level government officials keep being found and processed.

Efforts are also underway to obtain card processing for large transactions and following with the crowdfunding proposal.

We welcome you to buy in at any time by contributing to the pre-IPO employees pension fund. 

As a member of our Private Shareholders Group, you will receive a complimentary copy of the State of the Cannabis Industry Report when you invest in the CMS Company Along with your convertible shares Certificate …  The report is available in English or Portuguese.


3.03.2021  At this time it bring us great pleasure to introduce our architect – Mr Clay Chollar, CEO of 5th Density Soul. Mr Clay has been offered opportunity to collaborate with regards to the conceptual design of our new vision for the offices at the Cannabis Merchant Stronghold (CMS) building arche tecture design.

3.22.2022  At this time the company has the ecommerce platform endorsed by the Agriculture Cabinet of Portugal.  A new accountant has been found and many hours have been spent sourcing the IRS obstruction to open for onsite employees to expand our product offers for local retail outlets to manage POS card sales.

For those of US on the Site Construction Crew —


Are you interested in growing Cannabis at home for the first time in Portugal?

Well, of course you’re gonna say yes, then you have reached the right place!! This is where you will learn how to grow Medical Cannabis at home and get your excess production into our safe storage and biomass management facility.

But before you exercise your green finger right to have a 30 gram jar of cannabis in your home’s gun locker, it is essential to know a few things. Growing Cannabis at home – especially in fronteir states has a few challenges.

You have to choose the right seeds from, consider the climatic conditions such as proper licensing and sponsorship, and nurture the plant as it grows with the help of a certified instructor. But once you have overcome these obstacles, you will have excellent quality Cannabis buds in your jar in your home in Portugal for everyday use. (sales voided where prohibited).

Benefits Of Cannabis:

As per the National Institute of Health, for 3000 years, people have used Cannabis for treating various health conditions.

Thus it can be rightly stated that this plant is quite useful. Here are a few well-known benefits of Cannabis:

Alcoholism and Drug Addiction: According to a study published in the journal Clinical Psychology Review, Cannabis can help individuals deal with alcohol addiction and opioid dependencies.

Depression and Post-Traumatic Stress: Cannabis has also helped people deal with chronic depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Cannabis use is also quite widespread for treating severe mental conditions like psychosis and bipolar disorder.

Cancer: There is enough evidence to suggest that Cannabis or oral cannabinoids are ideal for treating nausea and vomiting occurring during chemotherapy.

Using the following seven steps, you can grow high-quality cannabis plant at home:

Steps To Grow A Cannabis Plant:

  1. Choice of Seeds:

It is a difficult choice since there are multiple options. Breeds like Indica, Sativa, Reduralis and quite a few hybrid variants are just a click away.  The choice of the strain will depend on your purpose and your level of expertise after you have decided on the strain, you have to consider the conditions of growing it.

For instance, if you are building your Cannabis plant in a restrained place, Indica can be the most effective strain.

Strawberry Cough strain got a strawberry smelling and tasting presence. It is an easy strain for even amateur growers to raise and got an average yield providing you have knowledge of growing.

However, the choice of your seed will vary if you are growing the plant in your backyard.

2, Choose The Ideal Light To Grow Your Plant:

The quality of the light plays a significant role in determining the quality and quantity of the yield from the Cannabis plant. If you are planning to grow your Cannabis plant indoors, here are a few lighting options you can look into:

A. Fluorescent Green Lights:

1. These are the ideal options available for the hobby growers.
2. They are also affordable and can be set up very easily as blasters, reflectors, and bulbs.
3. Additionally, fluorescent lights do not require a cooling system since they do not generate heat like the HD sets.

B. Glowing HD lights:

  1. These are the most popular options available in the market. Their output, value, and efficiency make these lights the ideal industry option.
  2.  They produce greater light per unit than the electricity consumed.
  3. There are two types of HD lights available in the market. These are Metal Halide and High-Pressure Sodium or HPS lights.

C. LED Lights are the preferred choice:

  1. These lights have higher longevity.
  2.  Consume less electricity.
  3. Their design generates better light, which results in better quality yield.

3. Air System For Cannabis Plant Growth:

The plant requires a steady flow of air to grow better. If you are growing your Cannabis plant indoors for the aromatic oxygen therapy program, then you just need to set up an exhaust fan at the top of the room to get rid of the warm air through your tent cooling system. If you are growing in an enclosed balcony, adequate ventilation will circulate the added oxygen with your standard fan.

Additionally, adding air inlets on the opposite side will bring in the fresh air as needed.

A Cannabis plant requires between 70 *F and 85 *F with the lights on and 58 *F and 70 *F when the lights are off. However, temperate concerns depend on the type of strain. Recent tests on limited quantities show that at 89 *F the plant burns below 15% humidity.

4. Growth Medium For Cannabis Plant:

If you are growing your Cannabis plant indoors, then you can choose different growing methods. Every medium that you choose will have pros and cons. Additionally, the medium will also depend on the type of seed.

Let’s look into the two most popular medium of growth:

Soil:  This is the ideal option for first-time growers.  Any high-quality potting soil enriched with artificial release fertilizer is a good option.

Hydroponics:  This process involves directly feeding the roots of the plants with a concentrated mineral salt solution.

5. Choice Of Container:

The choice of the container will depend on the type of the plant, the medium, and the system.  A hydroponic tray-style setup with net pots, a slab of Rockwool, perforated bags, cloth bags, and buckets are a few options. No matter which container you choose, make sure that drainage is adequate. Cannabis plant degrades with water clogging.


The onset of photosynthesis marks the beginning of the vegetative state of a Cannabis plant.

Indoor: Daylight should be set for 18 hours, and the night lights should be set for 6 hours. This regimen does not have to coordinate with the natural daylight hours.

Outdoor: Cannabis plant grows very fast when the daylight hours increases during spring and summer. If the plant has a lot of root space, then a giganticus varietal can grow up to three to four meters during the vegetative phase.

7, Harvesting The Cannabis Plant:

First-time growers often confuse the time of harvesting.  The following pointers will help them identify the signs of maturing of the plant:

  • Trichomes cover the plant.
  • Pistils will change color.  The color will vary from orange, mauve, brown and scarlet depending on the breed.
  • The resin sac changes color too.
  • The flower cluster swells up and seems inside out.
  • Time to get the jars out to start burping your crop or just call that nice fella who come to the door for a swap and get a fresh batch from the Merchant Stronghold. And don’t forget to ask for that OZ from the last crop a while back!


Our society in Portugal is evolving and prohibition is being replaced with better sovereign control. What may have seen to be controversial yesterday does not hold active today thanks to our Seedmaster from Farawayland making side deals with the many government officials and frontline workers who want to provide Extended Patient Care…

Thanks to the recent petition of citizens asking to enroll in the school program for certifying private growing, we are on the way with baby steps towards legal grows of locally produced medical cannabis.

A Cannabis Economy is one such thing needed to provide an alternative to inner-city oxygen breathers demands.  The benefits of this plant have become quite popular.  In our tourist-based economy, we need these grass outlets to provide alternatives to tobacco, THC is always in demand there.

The plant cures different disorders and ailments, but CBD is not the only curative ingredient.


Veda likes to call herself a cannabis crusader.  An avid reader and passionate writer, she has been studying cannabis market growth and medical updates for the past five years.  She is a blogger and influencer specializing in Cannabis and Healthcare and currently securing the position of web content strategist specializing in cannabis.

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