CBD Organic Tea (40gm)


Organic Hemp Tea    CBD 5%

THC: Less than 0.2%    CBD: 5% by volume

12 pack of 40 gram bags

Organic CBD Hemp Tea Flowers & Leaf (40gm)

Aroma: Citrus and Natural

Effects: Elevated mood, stress relief

THC: Less than 0.2%

CBD Flower and Leaf: 5% CBD by volume

Aroma: Citrus Lemon Grass & Natural

Beverage Effects: Elevated mood, stress relief

Origin:  Hemp tea is made out of flowers and leaves of technical hemp and contains max. 0,2% of psychoactive substance THC.

Application:  Its preparation is the same as with any other herb; appropriate amount of tea (cca 1 tbsp. for 150ml) is being poured over with hot water and is left to steep for cca 5 – 10 minutes.

Steeping for longer time makes hemp tea bitter. Same as with the other herbs also hemp tea should not be prepared with metal objects.

Hemp tea can be prepared plain or with a mixture of other herbs, such as Mint or Melissa.

Indication: Anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-carcinogenic, dissolves gallstones, mood-enhancer; may treat gastrointestinal complications, heartburn, depression, treats other critical illnesses.

Please take the time to read a Friendly public service message from the Big Guy who started this product:

Cannabis’ anti-tumor capabilities are generally accepted because it is abundantly clear that there are more cannabinoid receptors present on breast cancer cells than normal cells.
This over-expression of receptors suggests that the cells are hungry for cannabinoids to bind to them and is generally interpreted as an attempt by the body to inhibit tumor activity.
Depending on the type of cancer cell, activating different receptors produces different results.
The National Library of Medicine reported in an April 2019 abstract that cannabis was found to be active against estrogen-positive, non-estrogen, and triple-negative breast cancers and therefore may slow tumor growth.
Cell line and animal studies show decreased tumor growth but very little human studies have been allowed. Since cannabinoids act similarly in humans and animals there is reason to believe there would be a minimal difference.


Organic inspection body: DE-ÖKO-021

Product weight:  0.04 kg x 12 = 550gm


12 x 40 gram Lemon Infused Organic Hempleaf Tea, 12 x 40 gram Organic Hempleaf Tea