CBD Skin Care Lotion 200ml


Boudoir Friendly Body Care Lotion   6 x 200ml

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The unique, rich formula combination with valuable natural ingredients nourishes and moisturizes the skin and supports regeneration.

It is replenishing, quickly absorbed and does not stick to the skin, softening dryness and itching.

Rough skin areas are smoothed and cared for again.

High-quality hemp oil, cannabidiol (CBD), natural herbal extracts and essential fatty acids soothe and harmonise the skin – also suitable for sensitive skin.

Our HempHouse Promise:
Already during the development of the individual formulations, we pay attention to a high level of environmental compatibility.  Totally PETA friendly stuff.  Our best skin care lotion for your bedroom.


1 x CBD Skin Care Lotion 200ml, 6 x CBD Skin Care Lotion 200ml