Daymak Portugal Crypto Mining Battery Charger


Mining Sunshine and Wind is just as profitable as Driving on Sunshine.

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The Daymak Crypto Mining Sloar Tree is perfect for your offgrid power needs.

The unit is capable of mining at high speed to pay your loan with annual profit.

You can also choose to maintain mining at only the rate required to pay back while using the batteries to power your offgrid needs. This especially great if you have wind above the tree for the helix generator to provide additional revenue or power offgrid needs.

The tree also has ability to create itself a fresh water reservoir.

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Ultimate Tree (MSRP: euro 69,950) with Delivery and Installation Nationwide Portugal:

Includes a 5 kW Helix wind turbine; 6 kW solar panels; water purification unit; 25 kWh batteries; app-controlled Nebula miners generating $98/day, capable of paying off the system in under 48 months; with aftermarket mining setup support of up to 5 kW power draw. Estimated lifespan of 20 years minimal maintenence with a lifetime estimated net ROI of 200,000+ euro profit per tree at todays BTC value.


DayMak Ultimate Tree, DayMak Ultimate Tree Installation