Daymak Portugal EV Espero ATV


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We really love this great light electric sporty 4 wheeler.

You can now use regular payments to ownership.

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EXPLORE Pole to Pole

Whether you are on the planet or offworld on the Moon or Mars, AWO Jet Propulsion Lab LLC has got you covered with the Daymak All Terrain Espero Santo 4 Wheeler.
With the next-generation Aspero ATV, we ensure that no path is left unexplored. Our rugged, ultralight enclosure ensures a dynamic experience in all conditions. Whether you use it for hunting, camping, or simply for recreation, you can count on the all-electric Aspero to deliver the thrills.
Rough terrain, silent motors, and no emissions – don’t be afraid to get lost and spacey along the way!
Happy travels Cadet Shopper!


The Juice on the Espero All-Electric ATV

The ASPERO is an all-wheel-drive ATV that lets you explore your environment with greater ease. Built for advanced function and fully enclosed, it is able to tackle all terrain types. The temperature-controlled enclosed shell allows for riding in colder weather. These features make the Aspero a great option as a farming vehicle aid, hunting, camping, or as a versatile recreational vehicle.

A true off-road, on-road vehicle, the Aspero comes with a full-throttle with a reverse function, storage, stereo, GPS, alarm, back-up Camera, winch, plow, a trailer hitch, solar-trickle charging and a charge time of as little as two hours. Available in different configurations with a range of up to 200km or 125 miles!


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