Daymak Portugal Spiritus Roadster Prefab Order Registrar


Welcome to The first Daymak Dealer in Portugal

Invest in Driving on Sunshine Today!

Save the planet tomorrow…

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We really love this great highway cruiser electric sporty 3 wheeler.

You can now use regular payments to ownership.

And we will keep track of your deposits until you can make that last $5 delivery payment.

Kindly remember to give us a check on the delivery insurance for $5 to the driver too, pls.


A Warm Welcome to All Daymak Riders of Portugal

The Daymak Espiritos Santos Roadster …                                  0 to 60mph in 1.8 seconds.

Now you can order your very own Daymak Spiritus from prefab parts for the delivery plant to the assembly yard and off to the line.

Your Spiritus also has the BTC mining hardware, making this the only vehicle paying itself back through your charging on sunshine hook-up.

Special price includes, assembly, taxes, licensing and delivery to ports in Portugal, Madeira, Azores, Angola, Mozambique.

Good things ahead.

Introducing Daymak Nebula Miner

The World’s First Comprehensive  Cryptocurrency Suite for EVs

Like Aldo says we need get them 50,000 units to ship one part at a time for that first run of 50,000 trikes.

Delivery starting in 2023.  Get it today while prices are super super low price today!


News From Wolfsburg’s Warehouse
A steering knuckle with compact electrical actuator are added to steer the rear wheel, initially the rear wheel steers slightly (at most 1.7 degree) in the same direction as the front wheels. This improves stability during high-speed turning or lane changing. Keep turning the steering wheel would reverse the direction of the rear wheel (at most 5 degrees). This is used to quicken low-speed turning and reversing to improve rearward stability during payload weight capacity. Effectively, equivalent to having a long or short wheelbase. Depending how straight or curvy you drive.
Typically,your very own miner will set you back $9,000 to $13,000 depending on your source manufacturer.

Due to escalating demand for crypto generating equipment as well as run limit @ 50,000 Trikes, we have Estimated resale value of your 2023 Esperito Santos Roadster is gona be about 89,000 euros here in Portugal and the colonies.