Dutch Hemp CBG Crystals


Dutch Hemp CBG crystals 99.6% pure!                    Available in 1gram, 3grams, 5grams.

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Contains no THC.  99.6% Purity CBG extract

Content and CBG concentration;

1000 mg CBG crystals

3000 mg CBG crystals

5000 mg CBG crystals

CBGA, cannabigerolic acid, is known as the precursor constituent of cannabis:  Over time, when heated, CBGA goes on to become THCA and CBDA, the acidic forms of THC and CBD.  CBG itself may not be a dominant compound in the hemp plant’s overall chemical profile, but it plays a vital role in the development of cannabinoids.  It’s also become the subject of cancer treatment studies that promise a spectrum of possibilities.

CBG cannabis products are now prescribed for a wide variety of conditions—including pain, depression, anxiety, some gastrointestinal complaints.  People have found these quite effective by their own estimation and often preferable to conventional drugs used to treat the same kinds of problems. They also reported very few side effects and little to no withdrawal effects if someone was taking it and then stopped.



1 gram, 3 grams, 5 grams