Eye Cream Peptide Collagen Serum 20 grams

6.95 (VAT included)

Anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle skin cream removes puffy black circles around the eyes, leaving you looking and feeling many years younger.



Eye Cream Peptide Collagen Anti-aging Serum

Anti-Wrinkle Anti-Age Removes Dark Circles under the eyes

Eye Care Against Puffiness and Bags

Made from centella asiatica extract (cayman oil)

Cayman oil can penetrate into your skin deep to accelerate the metabolism to promote skin cells turnover and improve the immune function.

Say goodbye to sensitive skin and use daily this deep repairing , anti-oxidative , whitening and hydrating cream.

Fade crow’s feet with cayman oil by virtue of  rich in multiple repair factors to continuously activate cell regeneration, enhance the anti-aging ability of collagen and fade fine and dry lines.

Reduce eye bags and puffiness with the addition of centella asiatica extract, doubling the absorption capacity of collagen around the eyes to accelerate blood circulation so eye bags and puffiness or other problems will be improved from the root.

Fade dark circles by reducing the catabolism pigment and mycin accumulated around eyes to quickly fade dark circles and restore eye skin elastin.

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