Fulvic Acid – 500 grams powder

40.00 (VAT included)

Growers can increase yields by as much as 20% by feeding with fulvic acid regularly = bigger buds!


AWOJPL insists on only the finest organic materials so the product is safe and effective with all nutrient lines.

The fulvic acid molecules carry 60 times their weight in nutrients and oxygen and this translates into impressive increased yields between 10% to 20%.

Fulvic acid add to the better absorption of plant nutrients which leads to more vigorous growth and overall health of the plant.

Can be applied to rooted seedlings and clones to increase root growth prior to transplant.

Fulvic acis is 99.9% water soluble, meaning it works with any application, whether you’re using hydroponic, aquaponic or soil methods.

Fulvic acid has been proven to facilitate development of secondary metabolites within the plant, increasing aroma, flavor, and overall terpene levels.

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