GIBERELIC ACID hormone plant food 2 packs x 20 grams

15.98 (VAT included)

Hormones are of no use of itself obviously. Grab a couple of seeds from these delicious strains to kick off your juiced grow!


Hormones can be found all over every plant, including marijuana plants.

They’re produced by the plant and then move throughout the different regions of the plant when they are needed. Hormones tell your plants that they need to perform various processes to function well.

Hormone products

There are tons of different kinds of products that get your marijuana plants the hormones they need to succeed and exceed your expectations.

Hormones can be beneficial for a variety of processes, so using them during the right part of the plants’ lifetime will help you maximize your plants’ yield and general health.

There are different kinds of hormones on the market, each of them with their own pros and cons.

● Liquid – ready made or concentrated version (must dilute before use)
● Powder – longest lasting – can be stored for more than one grow season
● Gel – preferred by indoor growers

Using these products can be difficult at first. I will guide you step by step in my blog
Using plant hormones

The hardest part about hormones is knowing how to use them properly.

Do you ever use nutrients?

Well, hormones are way more potent, so make sure to go into it knowing they could totally help or destroy your plants (if used poorly). No worries. That’s why I’m here.

Different stages of your plants’ life can be supplemented with different hormones to achieve epic results. Take a look at my suggestions:

Germination: Gibberellic Acid – can help take seeds out of dormancy

Vegetative phase: Gibberellic Acid – can stimulate premature flowering or stimulate growth

Auxin – can help with growth (when combined with Brassinolide)

Fulvic Acid – can help transport hormones throughout the plant

Cytokinin – especially Kinetin – can help with new growth and expand growth

Flowering phase:

Gibberellic Acid – can help prevent frost damage to the buds

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