GOJI OG feminized cannabis seeds

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From our deep jungle community in the Polynesia mountains comes this lovely weed they call the Goji OG.


Goji OG is Sativa-dominant strain.

Named after a bright red, sour Himalayan berry, Goji OG was originally bred by Bodhi Seeds. The buds are on the smaller side and not super dense. The color is medium green with bright orange/red hairs and a sprinkling of crystals.

Recreational users find the high THC attractive. The psychoactive effect will show up early, often after the initial head rush and slight body melt. Its a strong high, so hit it gently and check yourself before you wreck yourself.

For medical users, the CBD content is too low for major seizure disorders and cancer. However, the synergistic effect between the cannabanoids may be enough to help with anxiety, stress, mild pain, and other conditions. Due to the Sativa-dominance, you should be able to indulge at any time of day and not have to take a weed nap.

We offer these as regular photoperiod seeds to grow indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse. You should see tall plants, flowers in 9 weeks, and obtain a high yield. When it flowers, it grows, depending on the light refraction, you might find a rainbow of colors and frosty trichromes.

From our deep jungle community in the Polynesia mountains comes this lovely weed the call the Goji OG (in our case – OG stands for Old Guy).  The first batch arrived as almost 2400 lovely hard shelled and deep brown mottled seeds that polished to a lovely shine with over 98% cleanliness. After the 18 days late in September 2018, the seeds were taken from the gas and the final QC estimates these seeds will remain at least 90% viable up until December 2029.

Since first receiving seeds for this strain we have moved the leftover from 2018 and now have available the latest crop seeds for your enjoyment at the same affordable price.

THC Level:  22%

CBD Level:  0.5%

Aroma: berries, pine, and some skunk

Flavors:  notes of earth, citrus, licorice

Feminized by: AWO Jet Propulsion Lab, LLC

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