Gorilla Glue #4 CBD Buds


The Boost version of GG # 4 recalls her THC-rich genetics responsible for the characteristic sugary yet tropical and citrusy aroma. Amazing 50% cannabinoids.

GG#4 CBD Buds

GorillaGlue # 4 is a hybrid type of light cannabis that rightfully fits among the most sought after and admired strains in the CBD world.  The high and distinctive CBD concentration typical of Gorilla Glue pays homage and enhances the indica prevalence of its genetics.  The mix of aromas and characteristics that distinguish it do nothing but reflect the variety of genetics that compose it.

Our Italian friends have enhanced this historic strain by creating GG # 4 CBD Boost, a brand new product that will amaze everyone with its infinite qualities.

The main characteristic of this variety is a very high presence of CBD, which is around 40%.  This result, which goes beyond the natural potential of the plant, is obtained thanks to a special treatment with natural resins that is performed in the final flowering phase of the plant. This process makes the product unique of its kind.

You are able to buy GG # 4 CBD Boost flowers in both medium / large size (only the apical tops of the plant are used for this type of lot) and small size (in this case the buds have a diameter of about 1 cm).

If you really want those smallest buds – they are obtained by sifting the best flowers of the plants by hand.  Simply get on chat for a current price – but believe those tops are what you wana try.

The Look

Like other types of light marijuana with hydroponic cultivation, GG # 4 also naturally produces a large amount of resin, which makes it apical and compact, sticky to the touch and enhances the orange and ocher reflections of its variegated flowers.

The pistils color the Buds of this plant yellow and orange, which is distinguished from many others also by its large stem size. Looking closely, we can also see the orange color of the trichomes that make the buds truly harmonious and fascinating with a high presence of cannabinoids that crystallize in the heart of the flower.

This Product is also defined by connoisseurs as an “ICE or CRISTAL WEED” as the exaggerated presence of cannabidiol makes the branches and flowers as if they were frozen; this effect is given by the CBD crystals which tend to orient themselves on a white color at room temperature.


The aroma of this hybrid plant is an exaltation of the thousand facets of genetics that make it unique; its olfactory characteristics are round and exotic at the same time, almost reminiscent of those oceanic notes of tropical fruits.

The Boost version of GG # 4 recalls her THC-rich genetics responsible for the characteristic sugary yet tropical and citrusy aroma.

Origin and Cultivation

The origin of this genetics can be traced directly to Italy within a company that has managed to make the most of modern hydroponic cultivation techniques.  This innovative cannabis cultivation technique (and also cannabis light) allows plants to retain, through the roots directly free in the water, all the nutrients they need to grow, including oxygen.  This type of cultivation allows you to better monitor the growth of the plant (especially during the flowering phase) and above all it allows you to really cultivate anywhere even when there are no favorable conditions in the soil and in the external climate.

The patented new techniques used to “enhance” this variety have been developed exclusively, for the first time on the 2022 harvests.

Regulations and legislation

Due to internal policy we don’t sell products to minors under the age of 18.

All the products are analyzed several times on each single production batch to ensure their legality and quality standards.

The entire production chain complies with all relevant European regulations and laws:

– The European Delegate-Regulation n.-639-2014;
– The European Regulation n. 1307/2013.


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