Hand Muller Herb Grinder


Best Quality Hand Cranking Herb Grinder.

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Best Quality Hand Cranking Herb Grinder 

100% brand new and high quality 3 piece metal grinder in antique brass style.
The King Skull Grinder is a great buds muller.
Under the crown is where this grinder comes into its own with two sets of sturdy teeth ready to grind your buds into small and practical pieces for uniform rolling.
The King Skull Grinder also has a built-in mesh screen which allows the smallest and most potent trichomes of your herbs to be collected in the base for compressing into hash.
This grinder comes complete with a scraping tool to keep the grinder clean and to gather all your precious herb from the base.

Size: 7.5X4.5CM (Approx.)

Package included:   1 x Buds Grinder

Made in Taiwan