Harmony Terpenes

19.95 (VAT included)

Harmony Terpenes give you access to the aromatic profiles of many popular cannabis strains. Your products will always smell and taste perfect every time and every pound you deliver.


Harmony brand Terpenes now available for your daily enjoyment.

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What are terpenes?

Terpenes are fragrant compounds found in many plants, including cannabis, which give them their characteristic smells and flavors. Think of the sweet, spicy smell of an orange. This is produced by terpenes, one in particular known as limonene. The aroma of limonene is just one of many delicious-smelling terpene plants that the plants have produced over time. But how can you take advantage of them and start generating sales?

Vapeo Liquids

Terpene mixtures can be used by alchemists to give e-liquids delicious cannabis tastes. Just mix them with PG, VG and CBD to create a fantastic homemade e-liquid. We use Harmony Terpenes alongside other flavor elements in our e-liquids that help create the distinctive Harmony flavors.


Aromatherapy uses essential vegetable oils to balance and harmonize the mind and spirit. Each cannabis variety has a different terpene profile that provides varied and unique aromas. Harmony Terpenes can be used in a diffuser to promote well-being and provide delicious smells to any room. To give you an idea of ​​the different profiles of terpene flavors, see which ones our e-liquids contain:

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Dried Flowers and Herbs

Terpenes can also be used to alter the flavors of dried herbs and flowers. By adding only 3 drops to a paper towel, the herbs can be wrapped and then locked in an infusion bottle for 24 hours. The finished product has a potent taste and smell that creates a unique flavor. This process can also be repeated for smoking flowers by adding touches of preferred cannabis varieties without the consumer becoming intoxicated.

The Benefits of Harmony Terpenes

  • Big margins: New MSRP of € 24.99 per unit
  • Trusted brand: Harmony is the most famous brand in the CBD industry.
  • Cool all over the world: Our terpene blends are made with food grade ingredients that are not from the cannabis plant (no cannabinoids, PG or VG, only 100% pure aroma).