Hemp & Cannabis Companies Accident Insurance Plan


Contract farmer insurance from Ocidental.

The Farm Facilities Policy is from Occidental Insurance Group in Portugal.

Our company AWOJPL Lda is covering all our contract growers with accident insurance in order to make assurances to the government that your recreational cannabis farm of less than 0.5HA is safe or that your 0.5+HA commercial operations are a safe working environment.

Your farm contract is good for a year and we encourage you to have at least a 365 day free of accident year.  Heavens forbid you ever need it but y’all are covered for almost 10,000 euros through our hotelier policy if ever you gets the hurt on the job.

Your name will appear in the company insurance portfolio to cover your ass just in case.

Policy applicants in Portugal are requested to pay through Multibanco or MBWay to prevent delays in processing.

Note: AWOJPL would be happy to employ growers with accident insurance on a monthly basis worldwide, but we still need bank approval. But if you are a grower in Portugal we will gladly assist with licensing filed under our petition to open the Governer’s office for the Bureau of Cannabis Control process at the Justice Dept.

The Cannabis Company Employee Accident Insurance Policy

This policy is available to all employees for the various duties involved in our company.  This policy provides relief from expenses associated with workplace accidents.  Whether you are a shop clerk or other merits of distribution of commercial branded items, it is important to protect yourself of workplace accidents or incidents.

This policy is paid monthly,  Because we never know when y’all are gonna retire.


Cannabis Company Employee Accident Insurance Monthly Fee, Commercial Grower Accident Insurance Policy 1 Year, Recreational Grower Accident Insurance Policy 1 Year