Hemp rosemary foot cream


Regenerates and protects your feet.  12 x 110ml

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A treat for your feet

The hemp rosemary foot cream is ideal for stressed and heavily stressed feet.  Rosemary has an invigorating effect and smells long-lasting and natural.  The foot cream with its rich formula ensures noticeable suppleness and gives you a well-groomed skin feeling.  It gets tired or cold feet going again in no time.

Try it – your feet will thank you!

• Easy to distribute and absorbs quickly
• Supple and soft
• Regenerates and cares for the nails and protects your feet
• For all skin types, also ideal for rough, stressed feet

This product is ICADA certified
Certified natural cosmetics
This product is already certified according to the guidelines of ICADA (International Cosmetic and Detergents Associatione. V.). These include the following criteria: As far as possible, plants from controlled organic cultivation or certified wild collection are used. Animal and species protection concerns are taken into account, organic-synthetic dyes and synthetic fragrances, ethoxylated raw materials, silicones, paraffins and other petroleum-based raw materials are not permitted for various reasons.

Our HanfHaus promise:
We pay attention to a high level of environmental compatibility when developing the individual recipes. No animal testing is performed or commissioned in the manufacture, development or testing of this product.

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1 x hemp – rosemary foot cream 110ml, 12 x hemp – rosemary foot cream 110ml