Jet Fuel OG regular hybrid cannabis seeds


Best For:   High Psychoactivity, Mood Uplift,  Relaxation,  Boost Energy,  Sleep,  Creativity.

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Jet Fuel OG is a work that begins with the famous Sour Diesel first invented in New York City, a variety with a taste that is highly demanded by extraction professionals and terpene collectors, and continues with the arrival of the well-known Silver Pearl, a plant of great power and nuances from Creamy Mandarin OG.

A generous branching and a shorter flowering compared to the Sour Diesel clone are two of the pillars on which this work has focused.

The flowering time of this variety does not exceed 65 days and its hybrid / sativa effect will surprise with flavors typical of such ancient and well-known varieties.

Its citrus flavor with an OG background makes this hybrid one of the pleasures most enjoyed by lovers of varieties with their own personality. This combination can satisfy even the most demanding palates, tangerine and grapefruit with hints of creamy vanilla.

With its powerful 17-19% average THC level and soaring effects, Jet Fuel is often said to be the “cocaine of marijuana.”  And after one hit of this heavy hitter, you’ll definitely see why.

Whats the crack on the Jet Fuel buzz:   The Jet Fuel high smashes into you with an immediate effect felt right in the forehead and behind the eyes.  You’ll feel euphoric and uplifted with a sense of tingly cerebral energy that can leave you super giggly at times.  As your mind soars through the clouds, your body will succumb to a feeling of complete relaxation that doesn’t cause sedation or couch-lock, but rather leaves you incredibly lazy.

With these powerful effects, Jet Fuel is often a patient choice for treating chronic fatigue, migraines or tension headaches, chronic stress, mood swings, and depression.

Jet Fuel has lumpy and flat heart-shaped olive green nugs with furry amber hairs decked in glittering amber crystal trichomes.

The flavor is incredibly pungent with a diesel overtone accented by sweet skunk.

Jet Fuel’s aroma is even stronger, with a pungent diesel effect topped with sweet skunk and pine.

Best For:   High Psychoactivity, Mood Uplift,  Relaxation,  Boost Energy,  Sleep,  Creativity

Vegetation:   4 weeks average

Genotype:   Sativa = 60%   Indica = 40%

Flowering:  60 to 66 days indoors

Production:   Medium-High

THC:   17 – 19% (some breeders still believe 26% THC is possible but none of ours have declared)        CBD:   0.1%

Most prevelant terpenes

Limonene   1.28%
Myrcene   0.54%
b Caryophyllene   0.53%
Linalool   0.4%
a Humulene 0.17%
a Pinene   0.13%
Terpinolene   0.06%

Lineage:  Aspen OG X High Country Diesel strains.


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