Moonrock CBD Weed


Moonrock Sativa  CBD+CBDA < 70%   THC < 0.2%


Indoor Grown | CBD + CBDA < 70%   THC < 0.2%


Moonrock is a one-of-a-kind product, due to the high level of CBD it contains if compared to other strains but also because of its unique appearance that makes people question about what it really is.

This legal cannabis peculiar aspect comes from being coated in CBD resin and sprinkled with hash … for a lunar result!


Moonrocks look like balls or nuggets (which makes them look very tasty). It is not a coincidence that they have been named “moon rocks”: their rounded appearance, sometimes linear and sometimes not, recalls the large and immense lunar craters, covered with space rocks and small fragile stones in the shades of green and brown.  This is the reason why some say that when you look at them, it seems like you have been sent into space.

The product is wrapped in concentrated oils (CO2, BHO and ROSIN for example), covered with a generous layer of pollen, the kief.

The triple composition of the MoonRock gives the product a very unique look and has earned the fame that accompanies it.


This kind of light hemp is among the best products available on the market, so much that it can be defined as CBD cannabis caviar.

Its exquisite aroma reaches the nostrils with very strong and slightly fruity notes, in addition to a touch of dry scent given by the CBD pollen.  This product’s unique aroma will reach your heart, mind and soul, for sure.

Origin and Cultivation

This strain is cultivated in Piedmont, an Italian northern region, by a very well know company that applies the most innovative technologies in the industry in order to get the highest possible quality product in the Italian panorama.  This production is completely organic and GMO free, without any heavy metal usage together with a strict protocol that guarantees the highest quality of the final product.

The Origin

To these days we still don’t know for sure who created this strain or who named it after that.  But it is known for sure that in 2015 the famous American rapper Kurupt launched his own line of marijuana products under this name.

The Regulations and Legislation

The inflorescences are sold provided with the analyzes made by Us, on each lot produced, and which attest to the origin and certification within the meaning of European standards.  

All products sold comply with UK and European law in terms of hemp cultivation.

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-D.P.R. October 9, 1990. N. 309 T.U. Drugs;

-Circular of MIPAAF May 22, 2018, “Document on cultivation methods and rules of flowervivalism”;

-II Reg.-Delegate-n.-639-2014 Europe

-II European legislation n. 1307/2013






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