Orange Skunk CBD Buds


GlassHouse Grow | CBD+CBDA < 44 %  THC < 0.2%  Cannabinoids 50%


GlassHouse Grown | CBD+CBDA < 44 %   THC < 0.2%

The main characteristic of this variety is a very high presence of CBD, which is around 44%.  This result, which goes beyond the natural potential of the plant, is obtained thanks to a special treatment with natural resins that is performed in the final flowering phase of the plant.  The name is a clear reference to the high presence of CBD in the plant’s flowers.

This makes the product one of a kind.  The total percentage of cannabinoids even reaches 50%!

Orange Skunk, sativa weed

The Orange Skunk is one of the most famous representatives of CBD cannabis of the old school.  Besides its origins, one of the strengths of this strain is its unique and robust flavor.  Then, comes an aftertaste that reveals its roots: the Indica family.  The intensity of the fragrance and aroma also helps to make it very similar to its THC-rich parents.

The Overview

The Orange Skunk heads are medium-sized.  The flowers are resistant, very compact to the touch, and have a green coloration (more or less bright), with a high presence of orange pistils.  Its name comes from its intense orange coloration, due to a significant presence of trichomes on the flowers.

The Aroma

Citrus fragrance is the first characteristic that defines the taste and smell.  The aroma and flavors are reminiscent of the smell of orange groves in bloom.  This penetrating citrus aroma is then softened in its aftertaste by a sweet and fruity fragrance, with light but unmistakable traces of cloves and cinnamon.

Origin and Cultivation

Orange Skunk cannabis is grown in Italy in Upper Piedmont with the “GlassHouse” cultivation method.  The manufacturer uses the most innovative technologies in the industry, with perfect continuous irrigation and light management cycles, intending to improve the quality of the product.  The flowering cycle is very long, which allows for high levels of CBD.  The plants are controlled at every step, in an attempt to recreate their natural habitat and ensure growth and flowering, ideally.  The period between sowing and harvesting (flowering begins after 8-9 weeks) is about 12-14 weeks of flowering.  The collection and cleaning of this CBD flowers are done by hand, to obtain optimal efficiency of the product.  Besides, producers do not use any pesticides or synthetic fertilizers of any type.  These cannabis plants are strictly GMO Free.

The Origins

The Orange Skunk is one of the cornerstones of the legal weed universe, and it has won several awards over the years.  Its origins date back to the 1980s when it was created by combining two unknown varieties of  Skunk.   Its high CBD content gives high quality to this cannabis Sativa genetics.

Regulations and legislation

Due to internal policy we don’t sell products to minors under the age of 18.

All the products are analyzed several times on each single production batch to ensure their legality and quality standards.

The entire production chain complies with all relevant European regulations and laws:

– The European Delegate-Regulation n.-639-2014;
– The European Regulation n. 1307/2013.


10 grams, 100 grams, 20 grams, 50 grams