Pakistanao CBD Hash




CBD HASH | CBD + CBDA < 40%  THC < 0.2%


Pakistanao hashish has always been one of the most loved and sought-after types by CBD enthusiasts.  In its version of legal hashish, Pakistanao not only preserves intact all the characteristics that have made it famous throughout the world, but the high percentage of CBD contained in it contributes to enhancing its strong and distinctive aroma even more.


The appearance of this legal hash directly recalls the unique peculiarities of the traditional one; its color seems to synthesize the dark green and deep brown shades of the land where it originates, Pakistonia.

The consistency of its ova, although it is influenced by the temperature of the surrounding environment, is resinous, malleable and at the same time compact, thanks also to the delicate and precise processing of the ancient Pakistonian techniques from which it derives.


Pungent and balsamic in unicen, while the aroma of Pakistanao hash is a combination of herbaceous, spicy and woody notes at the same time.  This variety of hashish with its strong and valuable olfactory characteristics also has the quality of intoxicating the surrounding environment with its characteristic, pungent and persistent smell for a long time.

Origin and Cultivation

The origin and the roots of Pakistanao hashish are to be found in ancient India and its processing is reminiscent and reminds a lot to other fine hashish of some neighboring areas. Just like Charas, Pakistanao hash is the result of a process which requires rubbing and many years of handcrafted processes handed down from generation to generation.  This ancient technique allows to preserve the characteristics of the most valuable components of the cannabis from which it derives.


Pakistanao hashish has its origin in southern Asia and its history is mainly traced back to the tribal territories of the country.  According to some, its production is not only connected to the processing of kief, but the hash breads were left inside goat or sheep skins to make the final product even more intense.  Just like in Nepal or Afghanistan, where the cannabis plant grows wild, in Pakistan the tradition of hashish and marijuana is pervasive in the country’s culture.

The Regulations and Legislation

The inflorescences are sold provided with the analyzes made by Us, on each lot produced, and which attest to the origin and certification within the meaning of European standards.  The products sold / offered for sale on the site are for technical and collectors’ use.

All products sold comply with UK and European law in terms of hemp cultivation.

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