PICTEK Dehumidifier – 22W

39.95 (VAT included)

If you are using a water-based air conditioner in your tent – consider reducing humidity simultaneously to prevent bud rot, mold, mildew.


Mini dehumidifier, is an excellent bottom corner moisture absorber, quiet growroom or tent dehumidifier, also works very ewell as the closet dryer thanks to its constant moisture absorber technology. Available as 100V-240V plug-in.

Product: Intelligent dehumidifier
Model: XROW-600A
Power: 22W
Adapter: DC9V-2.5A
Wire cord: 1.5 m
Capacity of the water tank: 500ML
Dehumidification: about 200-300ml/24H (30°,RH80%)
Application area: small than 20 square meters
Type: Semiconductor dehumidification
Size: 150*130*210mm

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