Pink Champagne – regular cannabis seeds


PINK CHAMP IS THE BEE’S KNEE’S!!! it is amazing get instant high that starts behind your eyes to relieve headaches migraines etc.. then goes on thru the body .

From Bandido Brothers Farms in the Far East …

Regular seeds have approximately 30% male plants which is perfect for your pollination activities.

Pink Champagne is an effective natural alternative for treating: ADD/ ADHD, Tourette’s syndrome, Alzheimer’s Disease, depression, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD); it may also function as an anti-tumor, AChE-inhibitor, and ant-spasmodic. Effervescent and energizing, this strain inspires heightened attention, and sharper focus. Use it to uplift a deep depression, or to reduce any awareness of pain and/or nausea.

The buzz lands behind the eyes and emanates outwards, making this a suitable strain for patients suffering from migraines and physical discomfort.

With notes of grape and berry, this strain imbues smokers with weighted eyes and a “couch lock” effect, making it a pre-sleep ripper useful for insomnia.

These beautiful evergreen nuggets boast chubby burnt-orange pistils, and a dusty crust of golden trichomes. They smell of minty-sweet bubble gum and pink roses.

The taste of Pink Champagne is: Sweet, Berry, Blueberry, Strawberry and Rose and is know for the happy, sleepy, euphoric, relaxed and uplifted effects.

Pink Champagne »»» Cherry Pie x Grand Daddy Purple

Variety:  80% indica, 20% sativa

THC:  21.5% – 27%

CBD:  0.2%

Flowering:  60 to 65 days


25 seeds, 50 seeds, 10 seeds, 5 seeds