Purple Lemon Kush Regular Seeds


Purple Lemon kush is a hybrid first created in Holland.  The mature plant is laden with heavy buds which have a dark purple color interspersed with orange specks.

Growers can expect a yield of around 400 grams per square meter with indoor cultivation.

Outdoor growing will produce varying yields depending on the specific conditions such as temperature and soil type.

The dark buds of Purple Lemon almost resemble lumps of hashish when broken up and the smoke has an outdoorsy, grassy type of flavor.

THC levels in this plant range from 15 to 20 percent and smoking effects include an initial rush followed by visual effects. In medicinal use, this weed is said to relieve pain and stress.

This hardy strain is well suited to growing outdoors in more northerly, cooler climates. It takes around eight weeks to reach maturity if grown in good soil in a sunny spot.  Outdoors, it is recommended to time the vegetation grow with the change of season so the cooler nights will induce the purple color in the flowering cycle.

Purple Lemon seeds will also produce a good crop when grown indoors using modern horticultural methods such as hydroponics and grow lights.  Because of their hardiness, Purple Lemon seeds are a good choice for novice crop growers. Get the basics of growing right and this weed should produce a decent crop every time.

Purple Lemon weed is well suited for beginners as well as experienced growers. Its THC level has around 18% average will guarantee a powerful high and smokers enjoy its aroma and flavor.

This strain is from Julia’s Purple Patch found in the disputed islands on the outer border of J.A.Pan and company, which has been the long standing center of tension between the Empire of the deep underwater lands of the rising sun and the other guys who love to take your land by claiming dominance by the sea. We first found the widow Julia back in late fall of 2017 and by early summer 2018 were invited to grab them goodies. This spring all the seeds were long gone well before Easter bunny week – but the 2019 stock is finally here.

Strain Characteristics:

Indoor and Outdoor Height: Medium
THC Level: 15 – 20%
Flowering Time: 8 to 9 weeks
Plant Type: Sativa/Indica (80/20)
Genetics: Purple Thai x Haze
Yield Indoors: Up to 400 g/m2
Grow Difficulty: Easy
CBD Levels n/a
CBG Levels 1%
Main Terpenes Produced;  Caryophyllene (pepper),  Limonene (citrus).  Humulene (hoppy),  Myrcene

Medicinal Use:

Provides a mild relaxing effect accompanying the relief of anxiety or stress, among other ailments typical for treating with cannabinoids. The strain is popular with kemotherapy patients since it is known to increase appetite.

Type of high:

For those people looking for something nostalgic and euphoric, many budtenders will definitely recommend this strain. It gives a very happy, relaxed feeling and it’s wonderful on the senses.  If you smoke the flower, it takes a minute to hit like a freight train.


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