Red Dragon Hybrid Cannabis Seeds


Red Dragon is ideal for beginners. She grows medium short, (90cm) and produces heavy colas of unique red/green buds. The relaxing effects of this strain may help with stress or anxiety, while the physical effects may also help tame mild pain.

The origin of this exotic strain Red Dragon is a Barney’s Farm cross between the mix of West Himalayan Kush and Brazilian sativa – Utopia Haze, this hybrid is a strain for connoisseurs.

Featuring a sweet fruity aroma, this strain is giggly and upbeat.  Great for those suffering from depression or stress, Red Dragon has a very happy and uplifting effect.  The unique effects of Red Dragon aren’t just limited to recreational use.  In fact, many medical patients turn to this strain as well.  Its uplifting effects may help relieve fatigue and a low mood, as well as stimulate productivity and creativity.  The relaxing effects of this strain may also help with stress or anxiety, while the physical effects may also help tame mild pain.

This hybrid grows best indoors. Red Dragon has a medium size, reaching to 90cm tall.

The average flowering cycle is 9 to 10 weeks.

The plant suits both for indoors and outdoors and is a desirable variety for new growers.

Red Dragon is also highly regarded for being easy to cultivate and maintain, making it an ideal option for novice growers.  It grows very fast and generally reaches heights of only about 90cm. Its flowers often produce heavy harvests of up to 600 gr/m² indoors.

Red Dragon buds are beautiful to look at; they’re heavy and dense and boast a beautiful bright green colour with deep red hues.  As with any high-quality strain, Red Dragon buds are heavily coated with THC-rich trichomes.

The plant develops strong colas with unusual red and green buds. The buds provides exotic sativa high that turns into a wonderful long-lasting Kush stone.

The taste and aroma smell like sweet guava fruit – herbal, spicy, pine and woody.

THC: 18% to 25%
CBD: 1.2%
Type: Indica 40% / Sativa 60%
Yield: Optimum indoor. 500 to 600 gr/m2
Height: 90cm (indoor)
Flowering: Time: 60 to 65 days (indoor)

Type of High
Red Dragon cannabis strain is good at energizing and motivating.  It is a great wake-and-bake indulgence that gets you prepared for your day.  It is also useful at treating conditions like nausea, inflammation, and eating disorders.

Naturally feminized at the plantation during the plant lifecycle process.

Feminized using our unique 2 stage organic feminizing process that lets you be tomorrow’s strain hunter.

We utilize a 2 step method of feminizing, allowing our customers the joy of feminizing. Our first process is on the farm where plants are feminized prior to harvest to achieve up to 80% feminized ratio. This method of seed production offers organic grown seed batched with plants highly resistant to mold and pests and crop diseases.


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