SkyWind 1kWe wind generator battery charger 12 or 24 volt – 30 amp

2,895.00 (VAT included)

Free wind energy – this thing pays itself over many times – now with free rooftop harness and free shipping!


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Use the energy of the wind to supply house and garden with green wind power!

With a maximum load of 30 Ampere with a diameter of only 1.50 m and a weight of 20 kg, the SkyWind NG is the perfect system for your project! In use not only at research stations in the cold north of Canada, but also at holiday cottages in Finland or radio masts in Somalia. With our SkyWind NG they charge their batteries reliably thanks to the power of the wind.

We are the only provider to offer you a coordinated overall system:

2x rotor blade aviation aluminum, anti-reflex coated
Machine nacelle, including wind detection
Charge controller 12/24 V DC with variable load control
Storm shutdown with wind sensor, sensor electronics and high current relay
Protective wax for coast, islands etc.
Installation instructions with illustrated installation procedure

Since 2013, the SkyWind NG with over 2,000 units sold is the most successful micro-power plant in Europe! Known among others from the NDR television !

Your delivery:

SkyWind engine nacelle with generator
Patented SkyWind all-metal rotor blade (2x)
12 / 24V, 30A charge controller with automatic load control
Power supply for brake control
External wind sensor
Control technology & power relay for storm shutdown
Protective wax coating
Operating instructions & installation instructions

Please indicate in your order as a comment the desired battery voltage.

Our quality claim

We understand our micro power plants as complex high performance machines. Therefore, every SkyWind NG wind turbine in Wietze, Germany is manufactured to the highest quality standards and then rigorously tested for quality. For your project, you should plan that your SkyWind microinduction will typically arrive about 60 days after the order is placed. Our order processing will keep you informed of every step during this time.

Only thanks to our high quality standards are SkyWind NG micro power plants in operation today from the mountains of Chile to the coast of Somalia, even in the most complex telecommunications projects. Should an error occur, our service is available.

Free shipping – delivery in about 60 days.

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12 volt 30 amp, 24 volt 30 amp

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