Strawberry Cough Hybrid Seeds


Strawberry Cough offers a slow, easy descent into slightly euphoric, happy feelings. Many users report feeling relaxed and energized at the same time when they consume Strawberry Cough.

Strawberry Cough delivers a fruity sweetness and a clear-headed high. This sativa-dominant strain truly smells and tastes like strawberries.

According to legends from mideivel folklore, it was first cultivated in a strawberry field bore from an old Transylvania castle grounds. Some say that’s where it gets its unique fruity flavor. And, it packs a powerful punch with its 20% indica and 80% sativa makeup.

Plant type 20% Indica 80% Sativa
THC Up to 18%
CBD < 1% CBD
Difficulty Easy
Climate Indoors and cool or sunny climate
Plant size Tall
Flowers 10 weeks
Yields 14 to 17 oz per 3x3ft
Taste & Smell Berry | Skunky | Sweet
Uses Anxiety | Depression | Fatigue

Other than its strawberry taste and aroma, it really triggers coughing if you let the flowers dry out pass its prime moisture content. Remember to store it lid tight or in your favorite humidore. This cannabis strain can cause uncontrollable coughingif you take it dry. Even the savviest smokers are subject to fits of coughing that leave the taste of strawberry flavor in their mouth. Plus, with an 18% THC content, you’re likely to enjoy this high.

Origin of Strawberry Cough

Exactly who the gardner was at Vlad the Impalor’s castle is still a mystery as well as the origin of Strawberry Cough is unknown, but it is widely assumed that it was derived from the Haze strain. It’s said to have been cultivated in a strawberry field that also served as a convenient burial grounds for Vlad’s victims. This strain also has slightly skunky undertones, which accounts for the sweet smell and taste which does best when grown in high mulch soils.

Back in the 20th century, Strawberry Cough was originally only available as a clone. But, Dutch breeders developed a new lineage of reproduction for Strawberry Cough seed breeding. Regardless of where it comes from, this strain has rapidly gained popularity among growers and smokers alike. So it’s no surprise that demand is always high for Strawberry Cough seeds.

Growing Strawberry Cough Feminized Seeds

Strawberry Cough is easy to grow. It naturally grows in a bushy form, so you don’t need to train it. While it is low maintenance, pruning of unnecessary foliage, and providing a breeze will help it to grow to its best hardiness.

We advise also reading our germination instructions for guaranteed results.

Preferred Climate

When growing outdoors you have more external factors that may tamper with your grow.

Ground preparation is most important – especially if outdoors means long periods between visits. Strawberry cough really takes well to blood and bone meal. In some cases it has been reported that pouring cattle blood into the ground to stimulate flowering. The high nitrogen of blood (fresh or dried in nutrient mix) and its ability to absorve water makes this an important factor in potency and flavor as well as overall harvest quantity.

Strawberry Cough really takes well to regular foliar spray. Just a drop of soap in a 2 liter bottle with a 81mg dissolved aspirin used every other week is a great insurance policy that also provider vigorous growth.

Indoors the Strawberry Cough plant will flower about 9-10 weeks before it’s ready to harvest. Outdoor growers can expect to harvest in October in the North at the latest.

Feeding Strawberry Cough Plants

Marijuana fertilizer ensures your plants get the correct dosages of macronutrients during each growth-stage. That way you’re always ensured of healthy growing plants. Be sure to check out the compost tea wishlist.

Flowering & Yield

When treated properly you may be able to harvest about 14 ounces from a 3x3ft area. Outdoors you may even yield this much from a single plant. But as always, for optimal yield, the plant needs a lot of light, correct temperature, humidity, and nutrients.

Experiencing The Strawberry Cough Strain

Strawberry Cough, being a sativa dominant strain, will provide a perfectly mellow, slow acting high.

It typically isn’t too heavy and will not keep you couchlocked like indica dominant strains tend to do. This makes Strawberry Cough a good strain to use during daytime or whenever you still have things to do. You can get a buzz going while still being productive thanks to a slow, easy descent into slightly euphoric, happy feelings.

users report feeling relaxed and energized at the same time when they consume Strawberry Cough.

Its smoke has been reported to taste like strawberries, and it may leave a tingling sensation in your throat after consumption. However, once this disappears, the high is pure joy.

Strawberry Cough Taste & Smell

Strawberry Cough, as the name suggests, has a sweet taste of fresh strawberries. Despite the light fruity taste, however, it has a skunky undertone which may explain the cough that it leaves its users with after smoking it.

This strain delivers a unique aromatic experience that’s extremely pleasant. Prepare yourself for a cerebral high accompanied by the smell of fresh strawberries in a country field. The aroma lingers in the air, reminding you of an earthy tang and fresh fruit. You’ll also smell a hint of herbal notes, along with pleasurable sweetness.

As soon as you inhale Strawberry Cough, your palate will get an explosion of the sweet, flavorful taste of berries. The aftertaste of its earthy yet spicy flavor will linger around inside your mouth for quite a while. If you like the taste of strawberries, this strain of cannabis will remind of the sweet, sugary fruit.

Uses for Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough’s sativa makeup is said to be nerve-calming and may also be used to help address feelings of depression.  Also, since it tends to be a lighter type of high, this strain allows smokers to function throughout the day without feeling groggy, lethargic or bogged down. Its euphoric effects may put things in a different light.

Type of High
Strawberry Cough marijuana strain induces energizing cerebral euphoria followed by strong body buzz.  Boosts creativity, improves mood, promotes laughter and socialization. Followed by relaxing body buzz and appetite boost.  May cause mild couchlock.

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20% Indica 80% Sativa hybrid
Feminized seeds for guaranteed results
Low maintenance plant
Mellow energetic high
Strawberry taste with a skunky undertone

Naturally feminized at the plantation during the plant lifecycle process.

Feminized using our unique 2 stage organic feminizing process that lets you be tomorrow’s strain hunter.

We utilize a 2 step method of feminizing, allowing our customers the joy of feminizing. Our first process is on the farm where plants are feminized prior to harvest to achieve up to 80% feminized ratio. This method of seed production offers organic grown seed batched with plants highly resistant to mold and pests and crop diseases.



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