Sweet Berries CBD Buds


GlassHouse Grow | CBD + CBDA < 20.5%  THC < 0.2%


GlassHouse Grown | CBD + CBDA < 20.5%   THC < 0.2%

The Sweet Berry

Sweet Berry is a product much appreciated by customers looking for a very sweet taste.   This strain, a well-balanced mix between indica and sativa, keeps a good quality despite its very low THC levels, and it was one of the first brands our suppliers released.

The Overview

At first glance, Sweet Berry’s CBD buds show an unmistakable red, with a slightly elongated shape, medium in size.  The flower’s colour is a deep and slightly dark green, almost completely covered by red/purple pistils and white trichomes, sticky with resin.

The Aroma

This CBD flower strain owes its name and popularity to its distinctive aroma: scents of sweet ripe berries are the first to reach the nose, followed by hints of flowers, lime and fruits.  The taste is a well-balanced mix of sweet sensations that will make you feel like you are savouring a fruit candy.

Origin and Cultivation

The grower cultivates this strain in customized greenhouses that allow a complete management of lighting, humidity and room temperature, throughout the plant’s life cycle.  This farming estate mainly exploits  natural sun light, much needed by this plant species, in addition to artificial light used only when necessary, to allow a better development of the plants.  This production follows organic regulations and does not use pesticides with heavy metals or GMOs.

The Origins

Sun-kissed and born in Northern California, this variety is a tasty surprise that will make you dream of the sweet American hills.  The Sweet Berry is a well-balanced hybrid obtained by crossing two very popular strains, Chernobyl and Blueberry.  The blend ratio between indica and sativa is up to the grower, but usually the predominantly sativa version is the preferred one, because of the final product’s sweetness.  Another important reason for its success is – obviously – the flowers’ high CBD levels.

Regulations and legislation

Due to internal policy we don’t sell products to minors under the age of 18.

All the products are analyzed several times on each single production batch to ensure their legality and quality standards.

The entire production chain complies with all relevant European regulations and laws:

– The European Delegate-Regulation n.-639-2014;
– The European Regulation n. 1307/2013.


10 grams, 100 grams, 20 grams, 50 grams