Tiger Balm 5 Gram Can – Box of 20 pcs

6.90 (VAT included)

The 5 gram can is convenient for reuse as a base for topical CBD infusion or for storing your weed oil after


Application: Topical plaster well suited for your favorite variety of hemp oil infusion
Categories: Massage Ointment is liquid when heated to enable added ingredient mixtures
Item Type: Tiger Balm Ointment Plaster
Function1: Body Massage
Function2: Treatment of Migranes or Tension Headache
Function3: Relieve Fatigue
Function4: Refresh Brain
Function5: For Motion Sickness
Function6: For Mosquito Bites
For People: Men; Child ;Women ;Elderly
Package: 20Pcs / LotSize: 2.6X0.7cm
Is Customized: Yes

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