Titan Alcohol Gel

10.00 (VAT included)

Original Titan Gel made in U.S.S.R.



Why are these prices at $37.50 at the retail site and you are selling for $11.70?
This is the same product from the same manufacturer, but if you do not like the low wholesale price, do not hesitate to pay more.

Is this the same product found on the retail site for $37.50 per box?
Yes, it’s the same box with the same material in the pressure tube.

If this is the same product, how can you sell it for such a low price?
Well, I know where to buy from the manufacturer’s sales counter, but if you do not like the low low price of 10 euros please send more money until you feel better.

Titan alcoholic gel is enriched with vitamins and herbs and helps eliminate pain in joints and sore bones or tired, flaccid muscles and this adds to the intensity of blood circulation.
Mild oils and fragrances also make a perfect massage lubricant for those intimate moments.

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