Zenpype’s Shipping Insurance Claim

4.95 (VAT included)

Pls Note: For customers who ordered more than one strain of cannabis seeds. Simply add the number to the cart to calculate your total cost of replacement.


If you ordered seeds from one of our distributors and the order may have been inspected before delivery … Now you can bypass all those questions the seller may have for you by reordering your affected strains for just a fraction of the cost. Plus the standard shipping fee.

Simply add to your cart the number of strains needed to try again and provide a copy of the order confirmation from the other guys.

Its that easy. And were here to help you so we can fix your sprouting problem(s)

Buy the reshipping insurance to save time and efforts by avoiding problems like:

Something in your order was not exactly what ?

Your order is either going to be reshipped or you were happy and will reorder again many times

Or sometimes post office excuses like paranoia in some places

Avoid bla bla from the seller and buy the crop insurance plan . . .

Just take a foto and send it to administration along with your customer guarantee

Solution is simple = Pay the fee and JPL will reship without any insurance adjuster

Good for 1st reshipping claim on your order only