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Rural Electrification in Africa

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Licensing American Technology & Engineering Skills to Deploy into Frontier Nations in Africa

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Village lighting in Rural Malawi

Malawi is a sharply impoverished country. Most rural villages still have no electricity. We want to use thorn bushes known to blind big cats during their hunt to generate power to provide safe travel for villages at night as well as provide light in homes for helping students learn to read.
The 25 KW GEK Gasifier
This remarkable skid-sized biomass chip downdraft gasifier can produce an 8 hour burn to power a 25 kWe generator with a constant 20 kWe comfort speed. This unit will allow us to create a grid starting with just 3 gasifiers.

With electric power we can help rise local remote villagers out of poverty.

Wind Irrigation for Farmers on the Zambizi River

We are working with local farmers to provide wind powered irrigation systems to produce crops from waters on the Zambizi. The multiple benefits of irrigation not only provides a local food supply through crop irrigation but also keeps vital fresh water from ending up in the tributaries which lead to the ocean.

In most cases, one of these 1 kWe generators also provides these isolated farmer communities with a auxilary local power supply that can keep cellphones and other devices charged.

Saving the Big Wildcats in the African Savannah

Marakele National Park

We plan to use the invasive thorn bush that is deadly to big cats as they often chase prey around these bushes and the invasive plan has been devastating the large cat population wherever the bush is thriving.

By using the bushes ground up in our GEK gasifiers we are able to provide electric power to microgrids in remote villages.

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