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15.0030.00 (VAT included)

15.0030.00 (VAT included)
  • This is a great video titled … “So why didn’t your seeds sprout in the first 5 minutes?” The missing ingredient in the paper towel sprouting method I always recommend adding is micorrhizae. The symbiotic root fungus

  • Get Every Dollar!! We will double your order and give free shipping until the card processing is once again available! We are now able to accept your bank transfer wire payments for your genetics into the USD company account but its the mos

  • Looks like a 3 gallon pot. Dude talks alot. But he figured out how to work with the hydrosoil method. Dude is the inventor of the suspersun 1000 = “its a beast its a monster of a light ”  

  • Choose biodegradable resins made with hemp.  Hemp plastic is the way of the future—become part of the solution by supporting a newer, greener plastic resin supply alternative. Learn about this exciting new industry at https://hempplastic.co

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