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  • Seeds dying ahead of germination Cannabis seeds can die even ahead of getting started to develop them, in which case, when the grower comes to germinate them, they will not open up and sprout at all. The seeds of the cannabis plant, like lo

  • From Malawi – where else! These equatorial region seeds product a highly prized resin which the locals collect into the fresh local chacra hash Available at Bud’s General Store for pre-ordering while stocks are en route to the F

  • Italy has taken a step forward in legalizing cannabis. The Italian Supreme Court seemed to copy both Israel and Thailand last year (who announced exports and reform legislation on Christmas Day 2018). In the end of days of 2019, on December

  • 2020 Q1 AWOJPL Company Pension Fund – Bond Bearers List Guaranteed Earnings Update January 2020 New issue bonds backed by a growing inventory of Quality Control Checked Cannabis Seeds held by license in Portugal. AWOJPL corking assets

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