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15.0030.00 (VAT included)

15.0030.00 (VAT included)
  • An effective extraction process in small controlled batches is demonstrated here. You will be using Everclear corn alcohol and MCT oil to produce quality medication. THC and CBD are long chain oils while the MCT – medium chain triglyc

  • Chef Budster explains how to make top shelf hash oil and also what different alcohols will produce which results in extracted oils.

  • It has long been known that resinous cannabis flower tops are well endowed with medicinal components. But that’s not the only part of the plant that has been used for therapeutic purposes. Highlights: • Cannabis roots were valued for therap

  • NITROGEN (N) Symptoms of Nitrogen deficiency include; red stems, small growth, pale appearance to the plant, and a rapid yellowing of the lower leaves that spreads up the plant. To remedy this particular situation, simply add a organic fert

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