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  • According to Farawayland, two key resources are essential to any successful cannabis grow, regardless of whether its private or commercial: water and light: Full-spectrum lighting can come from either the sun or indoor grow lights, but the

  •   Hemp and Medical Cannabis Legalized in South Africa following president Cyril Ramaphosa’s State of the Nation address in Parliament. The 2020 State of the Nation address had a pleasant surprise when the president of the country annou

  • Its a small small world afterall eh! Duckfoot is a pure indica by the looks of its dankness and flowers seem dense and thick and leafs are kinda tight. Well thats what happened to the Asian fella who bred the stuff in Oz. Time was...

  • The US FDA has granted approval to a new series of clinical trials that will evaluate whether a cannabis flavonoid derived from a rare Jamaican strain of weed can help fight pancreatic cancer. Most research into the medical properties of ca

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