Blue Hill Auto hybrid cannabis seeds


Blue Hill Auto helps calm your mood by placing in a relaxing state so you can feel that stress-free happiness and forget your aches and pains.


This is the Bandido Farms Blue Hell Auto Replica.

Blue Hell is one of the new autoflowering cannabis variety from Medical Seeds.  To achieve this new replica variety, which was originally made crossed by Blue Hell with pollen from an Auto Medical Ruderalis, obtaining a variety of autoflowering marijuana Indica dominant with an excellent taste, able to produce a copious harvest and also simple to grow.


The combination of flavors and aromas of the Blue Hill Auto is very similar to that of its feminized version, offering us a smoke with delicious nuances of berries that will make your mouths water and to some extent remind us of those of the classic Blueberry.


Its effect is quite moderate and being an indica variety causes a very relaxing and narcotic physical high that will help us disconnect from the stress that occurs during the daily routine.


From these seeds you will get beautiful plants of compact size as with most automatic varieties. It can reach a height of 70 to 150 cm depending on the climate where you grow it and it has a very strong and solid structure. With a very vigorous growth, you will quickly appreciate plants with clear indica features resembling a small Christmas tree.

In the flowering phase you are presented with a large amount of dense quite resinous buds that are well distributed throughout the whole plant.


Berries, Tropical Fruits, Pine


Gender:  Feminized onsite at the farm

Genome:  Mostly Indica Autoflower cross from Blue Hell and Tibet Ruderalis male

Flowering:  66 to 70 days

CBD:  Low

Method:  Outdoor or Indoor

Average Harvest:  400gm/m2 indoors   180g/p outdoors

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25 seeds, 10 seeds, 5 seeds

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