Lemon Jack regular hybrid seeds

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For that zesty lemon aid flavor that picks up your lazy afternoon break time. Now available in regular seeds.


After smoking the strain, you will immediately feel overwhelmed by a sativa buzz. But then again your body will remain medicated enough due to the Kush found in the strain’s genetics. The high gains momentum gradually and you might feel a bit stoned, but it is not something an experienced cannabis user can’t handle. The high can easily last anywhere in between two to three hours.

Due to its numbing effects, it is often recommended for patients suffering from chronic pains and aches. Additionally, you can also use it to regain your lost appetite.

FLOWERING TIME 7 to 10 weeks
THC 16-18%
CBD 0.2%
FLAVOR & AROMA Lemon, earth, skunk
TREATMENT FOR Stress, fatigue, loss of appetite, muscle tension, nausea
LINEAGE: Jack Herer (Jack Herer cannabis strain is a three-way cross between Haze and Northern Lights and Shiva Skunk. Indica 10% / Sativa 90%) and Lemon Kush ( Lemon Skunk and OG Kush)

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