Trainwreck Hybrid Cannabis – regular seeds


Train Wreck combines a heavy dose of Sativa with a smaller portion of Indica genetics. This strain is a popular choice on the USA medical marijuana scene.

Train Wreck flavor includes a plethora of sourish, slightly acrid notes combined with an underlying smoothness and the aroma has tones of blossom and newly dug earth. The Sativa high is cerebral and gives an initial energetic rush followed by sleepiness. This is a good strain for hanging out with friends. Medical users prize it for appetite stimulation and pain relief.

These plants grow vigorously to a tall height with a somewhat gangling tendency and long-fingered, jungle-green leaves.

Buds are long and dark green with orange and purplish hues appearing as they mature.

Train Wreck strain needs special attention when it’s growing, and it’s recommended that you use a SCROG set up indoors to maximize yields. It appreciates tight control of nutrients, as it is sensitive to overfeeding, and its straggling growth pattern responds well to training. As the plants mature, watch out for any signs of bud rot which can be caused by too much humidity.

Like most Sativas, flowering time is quite slow at 10 weeks but you can expect good yields.

Train Wreck requires some horticultural skill to get the best out if it. However, the time and patience will be rewarded by heavy yielding plants that produce a pleasurably soaring high.

Strain Characteristics:
Indoor/Outdoors:   Indoors
Height:   Tall
THC Level:   High
Flowering Time:  10 weeks
Plant Type:   Sativa dominant
Yield:   High
Grow Difficulty:   Moderately difficult


25 seeds, 50 seeds, 10 seeds