Benefits of adding cannabis leaves to your diet

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Cannabis leaves are rich in medicinal nutrition, so before you decide to compost that pile of trim, here is some ideas to add these greens into your diet …

Like many other bitter greens, raw green cannabis leaves need a creative hand and knowledge of harnessing strong flavors in a dish. Pairing them with things like garlic, ginger, or pungent green herbs such as basil are some base techniques, but here’s some strategies and recipes for using up those raw leaves when they come around.

Tiger Salad

Tiger salad like the Xi’an version involves simple but show stopping cilantro and Chinese celery for a good fit with vegetal hemp leaves, just keep it at a lower ratio to avoid upsetting the delicate herbal to celery balance. Places like Mission Chinese employ bold combos like ginger, mint, basil, cilantro and scallions in their version of Tiger Salad. It’s a supreme spot to stash some torn cannabis leaves for a fusion flavor.

Raw Pineapple Juice

Stomping out a cold requires you to hit your system with everything nutrient wise. Better than taking a tablet, adding foods high in vitamin C, B12, A, and D are a worthy plan. Adding a handful of green cannabis leaves to a raw ginger – lemon – pineapple concoction supercharges the already assaulting juice with even more of these vitamins for a solid plan to attack that nasty cold and fever combo.

Roasted Greens

Like kale before it, greens are on the menu at many places where salads and buttery sides were the chief veg offering. Simply tossing any bitter greens with a quality hemp oil and some salt, pepper, garlic and shallot before roasting for a bit is not only upping the beauty of your dinner, it’s adding critical fiber and nutrients. Cook up kale or collards with cannabis leaves in a 2:1 ratio for a new twist on a simple and satisfying classic.

Herbed Crackers

The taste of herb can be best aided by more herbs. Chopping up some rosemary, cannabis, thyme, and tarragon to use in baked crackers will make an elevated design without getting anyone elevated. Enjoy with cheeses, fermented foods, and anything you would put on a charcuterie plate.

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