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Notice to executives and shareholders. 9.9.2019

The only way to become a plantations executive on the many unchartered cannabis plantations surrounding our biorefinery processing centers is to own a LLC from the European Office of America as Directed by President Trump

Essentially the AWOJPL has closed the doors to independent cannabis growing companies not registered under the Government of Portugal PPP with the origin of  cervilian certificate issuing office of AWOJPL

But thanks to President Donald Trump we now have a USD Swift Account which can accept from Routing IBAN transfers of an open corporation LLC single person in Nevada for Tax free retirement earnings paid through echeck/ACH

With the $1368 current fee for a LLC and Routing account we are able to open an investment for your final approval and the commissioning of liability free ownership of your cannabis plantation mansion and retirement pension in Portugal and the card pays your salaries including the 30% ROI monthly from our International Finance Trust



After I buy my LLC from your government back office is there any fees before I can get there.

Well partner you just bought yourself a crank to get the wheels moving on one of them company plantations in the wild west of europe.

Of course ther eis more fees but not from you p.partner. We will not take your money from the business plan because first were gona be neighbors and were honest on our side of your plantation fences.

The company will immediately apply our first biorefinery finances and provide the engineers with a $2MM advance of your lucrative LLC

I hear Portugal grows grass for export – how can I take some home ?

There is then 2 ways of coming to Portugal – a vacation and hotel with auto paid by the company on your signature.


If you cant wait for the wheels to spin out your plantation on a platter and get the complimentary ride to cut the cake??

well brother there are ingenius ways to come to Portugal and try to bring home grass without our permission by sneaking across the border ala Mixicala.

But do not despair – you can get a receipt for the luggage on our way back to loved ones instead.

Visit the contact us and pick off the Routing and IBAN for the USD account of AWO Jet Propulsion Lab U Lda Cannabis Plantations Executive LDA registration compliments of President Donald Trump in cooperation with the Cannabis Licensing Marshal’s Civilian Economic Activities office sponsored by the Government of Portugal

Open your very own cannabis plantations mansion in Portugal for a lifetime earnings securties guarantee.

Just $1368 USD

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