Duckfoot a pure indica that almost went extinct

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Its a small small world afterall eh!

Duckfoot is a pure indica by the looks of its dankness and flowers seem dense and thick and leafs are kinda tight.

Well thats what happened to the Asian fella who bred the stuff in Oz. Time was gettin tight cuz the man was comin after him so he closed up his homestead and moved to the Korea Peninsula.

Papi Duckfoot was long forgotten and he left without getting our order packed back in spring of 2018 cuz – well – he had to run.

Then somebody reminded us about this retired plantmaster.

Now Junior Duckfoot has a few beans and is paying back the tipster who saved his papi from the man.


If you are in USA and need our goods by COD you can ask us for a link to Dave. He’s not just modeling shirts and eyeglasses any more eh! Dave will soon be the top exec with our company. So feel free to get to know the good brother by going to the Contact US page and give us a Hell Ya!


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