Gibberelic Acid helps germinate cannabis seeds

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I have noticed that some new growers have been needing help with germinating, I hope this helps:

I have personally had issues in the past and present with germination of seeds ordered online from reputable seedbanks, some orders simply having no success whatsoever… But over the years I have found that the use of Gibberellic Acid (GA-3) can force nearly all troublesome seeds to germinate.

Gibberellic acid is found in the outer tissue layers of most seeds, when water is introduced the hormone saturates the embryonic tissue of the seedling initiating seeds germination. One can artificially add Gibberellic Acid and compensate for the degradation of the hormone that can occur over time or through environmental factors.

X-RAY damage can also be a troublesome issue. X-RAY damage to the embryonic cells of the seed can lead to an insensitivity to the gibberelins necessary for germination. Again, adding this hormone to the soak can greatly increase your chances of success.

One word of warning, Gibberelic Acid is responsible for cell elongation in plants, meaning that if used, you will most likely see some stretching of your seedlings. Also, MORE IS LESS! This is a very powerful hormone, it has been used to germinate 1000 year old seeds from extinct species! Use only a few grains per liter of water and add nitrozime or liquid-karma to further increase success rates. If you use too much, your seeds will simply die, again better too use too little then too much.

Kits make it easy to experiment and find the right PPM of gibberellic acid,  especially since it’s so concentrated. Start with 1mg per 8oz or water. It is still cheap but more expensive than Super-Grow.

Hope this helps people because it can save your investment. If you do use this, please post your results and concentrations for everyone!

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