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Italy’s Supreme Court now protects the cultivation of small amounts of cannabis grown in people’s homes.

Over the holidays, the Italian Supreme Court ruled that it was legal to grow small amounts of marijuana at home for personal use. The court declared that narcotics laws should exclude “small amounts grown domestically for the exclusive use of the grower.”

According to the Independentthe ruling was approved on December 19, but it wasn’t announced until after Christmas. It has predictably caused outrage between conservative political parties and support from cannabis advocates.

In Italy, the use of medicinal and industrial marijuana was legalized three years ago, but growing and cultivating the plant remained illegal. The Supreme Court’s ruling is credited to a recent case where a man was prosecuted due to the cultivation of two cannabis plants.Luca Fiorentino, founder of cannabis supply company Cannabidiol Distribution, expressed his relief and support of the Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of cannabis users. “It’s the end of a nightmare.”

Although the Supreme Court’s ruling doesn’t specify what “small-scale cultivation” of cannabis entails, we can assume that growing a plant or two at home should fall under the protection of the law.

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